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    IDP Studs in Waiting?

    Do you really think tollefson gets a crack at a starting roll in OAK? they already have a lot of good talent on that line, not to mention adding wimbley? Players I was targeting: Patrick Robinson CB Tracy Porter CB Corey Webster CB Stephan Nicholas LB Jaqcuan Williams LB Brodrick Bunkley...
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    IDP Studs in Waiting?

    would really like to see some non rookie idp studs in waiting.
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    Value at LB

    20 team - 43 player roster - dynasty idp. we are getting into the late round of my FA draft and was wondering what your thoughts are on these FA LBs. Im looking for some good value guys that i'll be able to sit on for a 1 and then either put them into my starting lineup or trade for some good...
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    Goff signs with Washington

    With the loss of Jonathan Goff in NYG who do you think steps up and fills his roll?
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    Grant, Larry SFO LB

    yeah but he will be a unrestricted FA next year and might get himself a starting position somewhere...
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    Grant, Larry SFO LB

    What do you think of Larry Grant? In the 4 games he started last year he was a complete beast averaging 18 points a game for the injuried Patrick Willis. Was it more of the system then it was the talent or do you think he has the ability to be a top 10 LB for the league some day. Do you think I...
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    Boley and Rivers

    There has been much talk about Giants being involved with a trade with the Bangels. Im not sure of what the Giants would be giving up but they would be acquiring Keith Rivers. There has also been talks that Boley would be moved to middle linebacker. Thus putting rivers on the weak side to fill...
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    Linebackers.... of the future!

    Only barwin and dent are are on rosters. It's a twenty team league. 42 man rosters Who of those do you think make a major impact in the next year?
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    Linebackers.... of the future!

    So im in a 20 man IDP dynasty league with IDP. We start 11 off 11 def (2dt,2de,3lb,2cb,2s). I have a few aging linebackers right now Fletcher, Nick Burnett, Harrison. Are FA draft is coming up in a month and I was wondering if you have any active players that are just waiting for someone to...