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    $100 IDP Dynasty with PPR needs replacement owner

    I will join if still
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    20 team custom Full IDP league seeking 1 more to fill 5 team Dispersal Draft

    I am interested if still open.
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    3 Different IDP league looking for new ownership

    Interested in 12 Team Super Flex IDP $50 League Safe-  any thought to doing a ROD with the 3 teams and 3 new owners?
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    In 3rd Year awesome 12 Team Superflex Balanced IDP scoring league. Deep rosters on MFL. $50 buy in. 2 teams left

    Also interested and have 10+ years of IDP leagues. Looking to add another or two. Hit me up Don
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    Looking for 1 Owner for 3rd Year IDP DYNASTY Leauge

    Still need one?
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    32 Team Full IDP Salary Cap league 1 open team, with great Draft pics!

    I will take the Jags if still available. Don @
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    $35 Dynasty orphan dispersal draft

    My email is
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    $35 Dynasty orphan dispersal draft

    Count me in if there is still room!  I can pay as soon as I get the link. Thanks! Don
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    NEW 16 team, dynasty, IDP league looking to fill open spots. $75 entry

    Still have any openings? I'm interested if you do
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    Paragon Fantasy Football ALL 2018 LEAGUES FULL

    Still have some openings, need some competitive active owners!
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    Paragon Fantasy Football ALL 2018 LEAGUES FULL

    Let's get these filled! These are some of the best leagues you will find anywhere. I've been playing here for many years and highly recommend joining. Check out Veni Vidi Vici, 3 teams available and a replacement owners draft so you can create your team from the pool of players. Check it out
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    Competitive 32 team IDP, PPR league with openings

    Let's get this filled!! Replacement owners are ready to roll with the more needed!