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    Sunday AM IDP Notes -- W2

    Thanks for the clarification everyone. Glad Bryant-gate has been resolved!
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    Sunday AM IDP Notes -- W2

    Can you confirm the inactive Bryant for Cleveland? The Sunday Morning Insider Updates say it's Desmond, though the "Latest News" page says it's Armanty.
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    Can anyone shed any light on the Corey Wootton/Shea McClellin situation? Wootton was widely being touted as a high potential DE, yet only recorded two tackles against McClellin's four (plus a sack). Is McClellin the one to own?
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    W17 News, Notes and Inactives

    With Charles Woodson out, would that bump Shields into a starting spot? And with Cobb out, any word if he might be returning kicks?
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    W11 News, Notes and Inactives

    With Laron Landry out, should Doughty be a safe play? Or might Atogwe take away some of his snaps?
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    W10 News, Notes and Inactives

    With Carlos Dunlop being out, is Michael Johnson a safe start? say over Mathis, Mincey or Clemons?