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Recent content by zed2283

  1. Z

    ***San Fran at Arizona*** (+10, 42.5) Monday Night in Mexico

    OMG, can't we at least get Christian Nodal?
  2. Z

    MNF **Washington at Philadelphia** (-10.5, 43.5)

    All I needed was 2 more points from Hurts. F'n Eagles.
  3. Z

    WR Cooper Kupp, LAR

    Thanks a lot, Wolford. Idiot!
  4. Z

    The NFL Debuts in Germany **Bucs vs Seahawks** (-2.5, 44.5) 9:30amEST/6:30amPT

    Nothing like playing a 6:30 am football game. Thanks NFL! [/Seahawks]
  5. Z

    RB J.K. Dobbins, BAL

    No thoughts on his outlook the rest of this season and beyond?
  6. Z

    RB J.K. Dobbins, BAL

    In dynasty, offered James Robinson to the Dobbins owner as he is making a strong push this year and could use the depth. He said he wasn't sure. He also owns J.Allen, so today I offered Dak for Dobbins, and he came back and said what about Dak + JRob for Dobbins? I was big on Dobbins going...
  7. Z

    which NFL teams have thrown in the towel?

    Looks like the Rams have. That's the definition of playing to lose.
  8. Z

    Bragging, venting, crowing, grieving...

    Against Mixon in 3 of my 4 leagues. Sick of this season, nothing but :bs:all year long.
  9. Z

    QB Jalen Hurts, PHI

  10. Z

    RB D’Andre Swift, DET

    Fantasy season killer. At least for the two leagues I have him. He hasn't played half the season, then when he's in you're forced to start him while J.Williams does all the scoring (or others on your bench).
  11. Z

    RB D’Andre Swift, DET

    Season killer.
  12. Z

    RB Gus Edwards, BAL

    Omg :doh:
  13. Z

    RB Travis Etienne, JAX

    I put in for Snoop (who I just dropped last week for a bye week K) but maybe I should consider Hasty 🤔.
  14. Z

    RB Gus Edwards, BAL

    Mostly just giving you a hard time. I had him on my bench in the three leagues I've got him.
  15. Z

    RB Gus Edwards, BAL