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Marco Esquandolas

No you don't get it. It isn't a business to the true fanbase; Eagles' football is a birthright & a tradition that's shared amongst family & friends & passed down to the next least it used to be. Im with DH; this team can kiss my ### as long as that sadistic piece of garbage is on the roster. I'm a true fan & I'm not going to check my morals at the door like Lurie & company just did. Disgusting after the way they've preached character for the last decade. I don't care what charades they partake in to try & sandbag the public; the guy is rotten to the core & always has been. It's pretty convenient for him to see the light now that he's lost all his worldly possessions. Sad day to be an Eagles fan.
The next person who mentions a professional football player by anything other than their name, I swear to God, I'm putting you on every gay porn and bondage mailing list I can find.