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  1. Zoomanji

    *** 2012 Official Philadelphia Eagles Post Mortem Thread ***

    last I heard was Dan Conner. Which sounds about right for the Eagles
  2. Zoomanji

    Directv NFL Ticket....

    how did you swing that?
  3. Zoomanji

    Chris Johnson sweat lodge...

    He should hold out through the season. He really needs to prove his point Signed J. Ringer Dynasty owner x3
  4. Zoomanji

    **Official** Top Ten RBs of All Time Series

    After seeing footage of Marion Motley last night, I have to believe he was Bo Jackson before there was a Bo jackson. Dude was a monster.
  5. Zoomanji

    **Official** Top Ten RBs of All Time Series

    all 3 :goodposting:
  6. Zoomanji

    How much of a negative impact will the McDaniels OC hiring have on Ste

    I'm not sure McD will effect SJax's production. I don't know if McD ever worked with someone of his caliber before (Dillion maybe ?). Jackson's issue will be with how much gas he has left in the tank, not with the coach.
  7. Zoomanji

    Breaking News: Chad OchoCinco to change back to Chad Johnson

    "No, Chad didn't hit me. Chad loves me. I ... I walked into a door. I fell down some steps. Okay, fine, yes, he did hit me, but I deserved it! I provoked him! We still love each other!"
  8. Zoomanji

    Breaking News: Chad OchoCinco to change back to Chad Johnson

    probably realized that people call him OCho Stinko
  9. Zoomanji

    Rank franchises by worst quarterbacking in the last 45 years

    1- Lions 2- Browns 3- Bears 4- Bucs Cards had Hart in the 70s and some good years from Plummer and Boomer (not sure they had any Pro-Bowls) Atl was pretty poor outside of Bartowski and then Chandler in the late 90s Jets were Ok with Todd and O'Brian after Namath and a few good years from...
  10. Zoomanji

    Who are you rooting for to win the Super Bowl?

    That would be awesome :lmao:
  11. Zoomanji

    Wade Phillips rumored to be next DC for Texans

    ugggh big bummer for my dynasty leagues where I have loaded up on Barwin as a DE. No value at OLB. Lots of good info from the insiders though :goodposting: I would expect Cushing has to stay inside, doesn't seem like a rush OLB at all to me. Hopefully Williams will have value as a DE in a...
  12. Zoomanji

    Week 16 Weather

    pretty much :goodposting:
  13. Zoomanji

    ESPN Sportsnation Poll Question on best kick/punt returner..

    this is the correct answer.And I am shocked that Bears fans are outraged :thumbup: