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  1. https://www.reddit.com/r/GME/comments/lykso4/gme_total_shares_owned_is_over_185m_shares/ The simulation predicts a gap up. and yes I like the stock.
  2. Literally minutes left at the sale price. We are gapping up on Monday.
  3. Asking for a friend. How much GameStop is too much?
  4. I think these new tickers a day (Silver, AMC, RKT, and now SKT) are efforts to try and divert people from buying GME. We have the shorts in GME on the ropes. It's the main reason I liquidated everything else. I want to keep pushing on GME. The Call options that trigger today, 3/19, and 4/16 are massive. These ITM calls are increasing daily (I am tracking via spreadsheet each day). IMO, GME will be halted at some point and will likely require SEC / Congress or other intervention because this is a squeeze that worked. Shares are theoretically worth infinity. I am hoping to get $800 a share
  5. I am daytrading this, but I am also long on GME. Clearly if it squeezes, we have to cash out, but I will be back in once it trades normally again. I definitely like Ryan Cohen's plan. I have a feeling we start hearing more about that vision starting next week.
  6. It will be Chewy for gamers in 3 years.
  7. Too many shares to ever get squeezed. It will continue to trade between 7.60 and 9.00. It's an easy daytrade if you want to play each day. But in the end, it's a theater chain. Not exactly a great business to invest in.
  8. I want to delay this squeeze as long as I can. I found a glitch in the casino... Each day I end up with more shares though so I am keeping pressure on.
  9. About 55 million (and growing) shares that don't exist need to be covered. And the institutions and people are hodling for $800+
  10. if it finishes above $150 today, this thing squeezes starting on Monday.
  11. It won't be a brick and mortar business for long. You need to rethink what GameStop is and what it's soon to be. This is essentially an IPO on Ryan Cohen's new company. Sale price ends today.
  12. Here is what I think is happening right now with regards to GME. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncq35zrFCAg If everyone holds, We all win. These last two days in the market solidify my belief that retail will hold at least until $180/share. If this stock finishes higher than $150 on 3/5 or 3/19, it is literally game over as the call options likely start a gamma squeeze soon after. At some point, these same naked shorts are going to switch sides and blast this past $800 a share. At that price, there are more call options than float essentially creating a situation where SEC or C
  13. I think the 19th makes the most sense, but I just want to clear the deck and have cash and GME to jump into any fire sales like we saw this past Friday. It has been a day-trading gem so I will buy and sell each day with the goal of ending up with additional shares day to day. I have already realized massive gains in this stock and am nearly freerolling right now. I could likely make a lot more money short term playing this like I played AMC moving giant blocks of shares on sells and buys, but I just don't want to miss the big jumps. I am hoping this doesn't end on the 19th as i
  14. I am officially out of the stock market selling everything except GME. I am adding to my GME position daily. YOLO life.
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