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  1. I own BIT, ETH, and LTC currencies they sell on PayPal. They charge $9 for every $500 purchased. LTC is up 62.36%, ETH is up 44.57%, and BTC is up 13.12% from my random purchases since Feb 23rd this year. I generally check PayPal daily and buy on dip days.
  2. The legend that is Roaring Kitty exercised his 50,000 shares and bought another 50,000 shares of GameStop. https://www.reddit.com/r/wallstreetbets/comments/msblc3/gme_yolo_update_apr_16_2021_final_update/ I remain committed to this play for as long as it takes. I am likely out of day trading it though and am looking to manage it via alerts. It has been very good to me and I am all-in on the Ryan Cohen led turnaround. I currently value the stock at $180+ without the squeeze potential, but still think we will see MOASS sometime this year. There are also so many possible triggers that c
  3. My wording is wrong. Basically calling a vote. Hedge Funds like Blackrock can recall their loaned shares so they can vote.
  4. The million per share guys bust me up. I think the SEC / Congress will intervene and settle. But I don't see how they award less than $1,000 a share. Everyone with $800 calls has to get paid and someone testified in front of Congress that this was heading above $1,000 a share when the platforms halted buying.
  5. SSR triggers tomorrow at $149.88 and this could actually happen. I am not sure that is telling either way (the stock flies on Friday or it's brought to max pain near $145). Because even if the good guys want the stock to go crazy on Friday, having SSR in play would make it harder for shorts to counter. In the end, lots of big whales playing this way above all of us. If the squeeze does not happen soon though, I suspect it may never squeeze as the next gamma train is mid-July and I suspect interest is going to wain on this play.
  6. If I end up being right, I am getting one of these: https://www.cyberlandr.com/
  7. Listed in no order, I think all of these and more could help launch GME: 1. Roaring Kitty/DFV will exercise his calls and post his YOLO position by Friday at the latest. 2. CEO Sherman is out and will be off the board as well - Someone will be announced as interim CEO (Could be Ryan Cohen) 3. Gamestop results logged and announcing of Share Recall for upcoming vote at annual meeting in June. 4. Blackrock/Vanguard and a few other Cohen allies call back their GME shares from shorts so they can vote. 5. Blackrock earnings announcement and guidance (an indirect benefit)
  8. I don't want to turn this into a big GME thread so I will be brief here. And although I know it's impossible to time the market, I have a lot of reasons to believe GME is about to be squeezed. I am not going to go through any of my reasons (you can find them if you spend countless hours on the Reddit forums) and give everyone ammunition to ridicule me when I end up being wrong. And I very well could be wrong. I will however summarize how I will be approaching the next few days. 1. I expect major catalysts tomorrow (perhaps after market close) that will trigger a buying frenzy on
  9. I am still thinking 4/20, but Friday could be wild.
  10. I am having a very good day today. That's all.
  11. Been a wild ride down with GME, but I continue to execute this strategy pretty well. Sell 1,500 shares at the open. Add those shares back starting at open -7 and finishing at open -10. Sometimes get a second wave a bit lower. Rinse and repeat each day. Since I value the stock at $180 today, I actually have added to my overall position and now fluctuate between 3,500 and 5,000 shares daily. I think this Friday (options expiry) and Tuesday 4/20 are going to be big days. Someone added massive option positions (to an already explosive gamma train). It could be a trigger or a la
  12. I suspect this goes above $1,000 a share if someone does not intervene. It was going to go above $1,000 and they shut down buying. It was $330 with an arrow up and they halted the exchange 3X and forced the price to $170 on 9 million shares during the same day. I suspect at $350, someone big gets margin called hence all the tomfoolery as GME approached that level a month ago. But the DTCC has been busy with lots of new rules the past few weeks. I think someone major is about to get margin-called, but this time the rules are in place to handle it. My moon suit is pressed and I am read
  13. moon launch. I suspect with synthetic shares there is 5-10X the number of real shares. The Ryan Cohen led team are creating the next great ecommerce site. As quarterly earnings track to this reinvented company, the price moves up and these hedge funds that are short get squeezed. I have zero idea the timeframe, but I will day trade this everyday I can until launch. The way the volume is going though, I suspect we are getting close to launch. It would not shock me if April 15th - April 20th were key dates.
  14. I have seen this story so many times that I now know how to play it. I sold 1,500 shares at the open ($169.70) and just bought them all back at 153.50. SSR got tripped at 153.23. I still expect this to finish closer to max pain levels at 170-185. I think we are approaching end game with GME. I expect next Friday to be wild as well.
  15. The stock would have to go below $39/share for me to lose money on GME for the year. And since I value the company at the $180 it trades at, I would never sell anywhere below $170. Right now I just own two stocks Funko and GameStop in my trading account. I am essentially long on both until something significant happens. I prefer having the rest of my cash reserves on the sidelines right now. My IRA consists of GameStop, Peloton, PayPal, and Funko.
  16. I hold over 4,000 shares. I am ready for launch.
  17. They already had authority to issue shares. This just updates the amount to up to $1B (max 3.5 million shares). So yes it's technically adding a few shares, but I look at like this: 70 million real shares possibly adding up to 3.5 million more shares 400+ million short/synthetic fake shares The company did not sell when the price hit $400+ before. I think this news cements their 10K which suggested a short squeeze is very possible. They just want to get a piece of this when shares exceed a $1,000/share as well. So now we are investing in a revamped GameStop with a drea
  18. I added 1,000 shares at the dip. This gives them authority to sell at rocket launch prices to earn as much as 1 billion for cash reserves. This isn't a dilution. This is being smart and ready to capitalize on the new DTCC's rules that will likely force the squeeze. The best place for info now is at https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/ IMO, moon launch is in motion. I have a LOT of GME and looking to still add at these prices.
  19. A good theory on how the shorts are masking their GME problem. https://www.reddit.com/r/GME/comments/mhv22h/the_si_is_fake_i_found_44000000_million_shorts/ End game in sight.
  20. This looks to be a great day for my holdings. Out of Blackberry and back into AMC at this discount. Adding GME at the discount.
  21. I already had 6,000 shares of Funko, but I am averaging up on this news: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/funko-shares-jump-after-acquisition-launches-the-toy-company-into-the-nft-market-2021-04-01 I assumed it would take them until August to have an NFT presence. I still hope they go the pack route (like Top Shots). NFTs should be like printing money for this company. With just just over 50 million shares, this could be a very exciting stock if they do the NFT piece correctly.
  22. I continue to make a fortunate on GameStop. It's been the best day trade stock for me. 1. Sell half of my position at the open + $2 2. Buy all those shares back at 10-12 dollars cheaper through the day. 3. If you are feeling enthusiastic, you can usually complete a second cycle (for a smaller gap) during the day. If you monitor this stock on Yahoo, use the 1 minute intervals on the daily chart and wait for three red smash downs in a row. If this corresponds with a good RSI value, you buy. Rinse and repeat all day long.
  23. Big thank you on HGEN. It's already paid off if we wanted to take profits
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