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  1. GME is about to rip higher from here: https://twitter.com/NFT_CON/status/1448207882026033154?t=gtupYRATXAfNZjjb33Z2tw&s=19
  2. This one hurts a lot. One of the hardest working people in the industry and a wonderful human being. 39, fully vaccinated, and leaving behind a 4 year old. If you have means to donate to his GoFundMe, it could mean a giant difference to his wife and family. RIP Tags. You will be missed.
  3. I am buying Peloton (PTON) at these levels. Easy win holding through Christmas earnings.
  4. What a great start to the season. This was a fantastic game
  5. People hear what they want hear I suppose. I have never felt more confident in my GME holdings than today. I added to my lofty position. See the believers on the moon.
  6. You clearly have not been paying attention to what GameStop is transitioning into. This company is the next ecommerce giant. I no longer have price/date targets with this stock. Just up. Those that chose to short this stock are going to start feeling the pain as early as Thursday as the world wakes up to the new GameStop.
  7. I am nearly certain the "meme" stocks are tethered to GME. If you believe in the GME turnaround and it's squeeze potential, it could be a losing proposition betting against AMC, KOSS, and BB because the same people super short against GME are likely holding long positions in all these memes in some kind of complex derivative (as insurance).
  8. This is the must-read on the subject if you want to understand what is going on with GME and the "meme" stocks: https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/pb22oj/the_puzzle_pieces_of_quarterly_movements_equity/ I am hodling for life-changing money.
  9. Swaps / Derivative Theory. Shorts never covered. https://i.imgur.com/tuz9srP.png
  10. I would argue that the contingency and execution plans were also the worst in history. They are unprecedented.
  11. Big Blue Wrecking Crew hooked me up with 4 beers, 2 shirts, salt water taffy, some stickers and a coaster. Whole Enchilada Beer Close Up This package absolutely made my day. I am looking forward to cracking one of the 4 beers tonight.
  12. sent box to Nick Vermeil. It is expected via Fedex by close of business Monday
  13. Blue Horeshoe says a big move upward for GME the week ending 8/13.
  14. I got everything together here. Package being sent to Nick Vermeil in the morning from Cali.
  15. Buffet indicator at an all-time high: https://www.currentmarketvaluation.com/models/buffett-indicator.php
  16. I don't dispute the price moved, but I disagree that it was mostly caused by the share offering. The apes are against formidable opponents and are trying to win a psychological game of chicken. But even without a share offering, we saw the January highs crushed to 40, the March highs crushed to 120, and now the past month of steady declines... But through it all, we keep hitting higher lows and the climb is generally up (look at the YTD graph and you can see it clearly). The rules have been tightened severely. Let's see if the shorts can continue to kick the can down the street. The apes holding are continuing to buy every paycheck and they did not sell at the highs before. This is wound like a spring. The price moved $18 today on less than 3 million volume. GameStop is not going to go bankrupt. In fact, they look like they are pivoting to be a juggernaut in the online space. In two years (even without a squeeze event), I believe GME will be a $500-$700 stock. So like the other apes, I will keep accumulating at these discounts.
  17. Similarly the excuse for the stock market bleed off yesterday was the surge in Delta variant cases. And a day later, that is clearly under control because the whole market is up again.
  18. It could easily, but I have no reason to believe that is coming. The company has nearly $2B in cash and has no debt or warrants. If they are diluting, it will be to buy another company.
  19. I am more certain than ever. I have increased my shares this week. But even if you feel the squeeze is not going to happen, these things are true: No debt or warrants Nearly $2B in cash Growing online revenue in a booming gaming market where consoles sell out the day they get them Led by an all-star Executive team that knows Omni-channel NFT coming Website sells everything these days. Fulfillment centers coming online Rabid Reddit support group (Superstonk has 500K+ members). All shorts will eventually be buyers. This was always the real short squeeze with less than 75 million shares available. The volume drying up tells the real story. On-balance volume continues to support much higher pricing. This could be a waiting game, but I can wait it out. It remains the best stock I have ever owned and will keep adding on dips.
  20. https://www.circasports.com/circa-sports-million $1,000 to enter. $4 Million prize pool (no rake) Make 5 NFL picks against the spread each week. Get one point for each correct selection and one-half point for each push. In Nevada: Play in-person at any of our sportsbooks or enter picks through the Circa | Sports app. Outside Nevada: Register in-person with a proxy, so they can submit your picks for you each week from within Nevada.
  21. Get a few shares friend against your "common" sense. Ryan Cohen is about to move mountains as a disrupter in the NFT game.
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