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  1. I continue to make a fortunate on GameStop. It's been the best day trade stock for me. 1. Sell half of my position at the open + $2 2. Buy all those shares back at 10-12 dollars cheaper through the day. 3. If you are feeling enthusiastic, you can usually complete a second cycle (for a smaller gap) during the day. If you monitor this stock on Yahoo, use the 1 minute intervals on the daily chart and wait for three red smash downs in a row. If this corresponds with a good RSI value, you buy. Rinse and repeat all day long.
  2. Big thank you on HGEN. It's already paid off if we wanted to take profits
  3. Quick question regarding HGEN. Why is institutional ownership so low? https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/HGEN/holders?p=HGEN
  4. OK, I want to hang with the cool kids too. Added 1,000 HGEN at 18.57
  5. https://www.reddit.com/r/stocks/comments/li0rpg/blackberry_a_dormant_giant/
  6. I am buying blackberry (BB) at this level. They are the play for car tracking tech. This has 50% upside here by year's end.
  7. Regarding GME: Major shares were borrowed this morning. I can't predict the markets, but the last time this happened the bad guys drove the price to $120 (It rebounded a day later to $180). https://gme.crazyawesomecompany.com/
  8. This is an interesting conspiracy theory regarding Hedge Fund Wars and how GameStop is now in the center of it. https://www.reddit.com/r/GME/comments/md89wg/king_kong_magnum_opus_dd_posted_on_behalf_of_wuz/
  9. That's a given isn't it? The guy who created Chewy taking on gaming. His blueprint is all over the newly deployed website. Do you expect him to fail to deliver a great gamer's channel using what he learned doing Chewy? I put his chance of success somewhere near 99%. I can't even think of a better person I would want leading this transformation. Chewy's customer service reputation is second to none. With that said, I would have loved to hear his blueprint for the future, but I think there are some technical reasons they chose not to do that at the earnings call. The CFO leaves March
  10. I think the memes are funny so I am Yoloing most of my life savings for the joy ride only. Who has time to verify anything? Stonks only go up.
  11. and the team he is acquiring, and the squeeze potential, and the low float (with many synthetic shares), and the market eventually evaluating the stock as an ecommerce stock where price equals 2-5X sales (instead of as a brick and mortar hasbeen), and the new gaming consoles + corresponding games, and the fact that Ryan Cohen has already demonstrated he can beat Amazon in a carved out space.
  12. I am not willing to write out all my due diligence, but here is the abbreviated rationale. 1. The old GameStop company is done. Ryan Cohen aggressively bought enough shares to be the major stock holder. He (along with hedge funds that support him) are ousting the old board members. I doubt Sherman survives much longer either. Cohen has brought in talent from Chewy, Amazon, Google, etc. He is hyper focused on creating a great Omni-Channel and is heading up the turn-around strategy. As the founder of Chewy.com and just 36 years old, that is BIG news. 2. GameStop has only 70 million sha
  13. Never understood why GameStop is called a meme stock. I am pretty sure it's a real company that is attracting some of the best talent from Chewy, Amazon, and Google. If by meme, you mean a stock that was trading at $5 a few years ago and now is worth a fortune with a bright future, I guess I can roll with that definition. GME should be on everyone's radar as a long term hold. It's the next great ecommerce company.
  14. a pretty good conspiracy take on what we are seeing with GME and AMC. https://mobile.twitter.com/rockstar_stocks/status/1374869345839423493 and since it feeds directly into my confirmation bias, I like it.
  15. I love all the people telling us GME is going to be a $5/share stock. Why don't you short it then? It's in the $160s now. Or is 30X too low of a win for you. Meanwhile all these "bluechip sure things" continue to bleed off.
  16. I still have 3,500 shares, but might start slowly unwinding.
  17. The new DTCC rules kicking in seems to be halting all the illegal shorting that was going on with GME and AMC.
  18. While yesterday was a gut check and tested me as I was buying even more at the close, today is rewarding me for my conviction that GME is a $180 stock.
  19. I am holding until they launch NFTs and re-evaluate. I think this is a 10X stock if NFT is successful.
  20. You guys seem a tad more stressed about GME than me. I am at peace day trading the hell out of this. Sell 1/2 of what you own at the open. Set block sells at +$2 intervals above the market open. Once this reverses, subtract $10 from your average price you sold at and start buying back. I am back to managing shares (not worried about price). I have lost money today (on paper), but I have the same shares I started with and have pocketed $12,000+ already. I can do this forever, but I still expect the squeeze will happen.
  21. and if it does, the squeeze will be even stronger. Way too many people see what this is going to be. Don't be blinded by the games the shorts are playing in afterhours and in their articles to lower morale. This company is on its way into being something huge. Lost in that call was a big hint that Feb numbers were +28% year over year (or something like that). The forward guidance will be coming. There will be more executive leadership jobs. Boomer Sherman likely bails as this new company isn't what he is good at. If this company isn't thriving by next earnings call, I will start le
  22. I thinking gaming is bigger than pet food. I think GameStop is positioned nicely when the new consoles hit mass production. The gaming industry has tons of titles ready to launch as the platforms are more mainstream. The goodwill GameStop has received from Reddit will continue as they purchase all things gaming through this channel. And Ryan Cohen's version of gaming includes all things PC related (computers, laptops, motherboards, gaming cards), hover boards, furniture, etc. Gamestop's new trade in policy is going to be a massive hit and they start this business with 55 million Power Up
  23. The piece about GME that sucks is Sherman their CEO is a boomer that doesn't get it. He needs to go, but I suspect that is coming as well. But I heard enough on that call to KNOW Ryan Cohen is leading the change from behind the curtain. I knew this quarterly report could suck, but was actually pleasantly surprised. They managed the pandemic pretty well. The transformation is happening. Spend ten minutes browsing their website. They sell everything now. Ryan Cohen knows Omni-channel and Gamestop's Twitter, Facebook and Instragram posts as of late show Ryan's influence. Forget the squ
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