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  1. I am watching the GME call from this Twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/festiveox
  2. has been at max capacity for an hour.
  3. Still think GameStop is a brick and mortar business? They just posted this on their website (on the bottom of the link below). https://www.gamestop.com/video-games/pc-gaming GAMESTOP PC DOWNLOADS PLAY MORE THAN 1,500 OF YOUR FAVORITE GAMES! We get it. You have an amazing gaming rig. Your computer allows you to see individual blades of grass bend beneath your character's feet as the perfectly rendered stars move overhead. You're serious about your PC gaming, and so are we. That's why we want you to know about GameStop PC Downloads. It gives you access to more than 1500
  4. I am all in with day trading GME. It has been crushing it for me. At some point the counterfeit shares have to cover as well.
  5. I am back in at day trading AMC. It will be on the SSR rule for tomorrow and should see a decent pop as it has been hammered all week.
  6. what a day to own Funko...loving this
  7. Ryan Cohen taking out some more trash. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/1-gamestop-loses-second-senior-113754925.html
  8. Synthetic shares. Yes. I am saying exactly that. The shorts are gaming the failures to deliver and have been for months.
  9. GME institutional ownership hits 200%. Glad retail hates this stock or I would begin to think something shady was going on. https://finra-markets.morningstar.com/MarketData/EquityOptions/detail.jsp?query=126%3A0P000002CH&sdkVersion=2.59.0 Click "Shareholders" tab Down to "Equity Ownership" click "Institutions" Edit: There is some double counting of Fidelity due to a name change so this number is closer to 180%
  10. Uncle Bruce on GME. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjkUh-FXrxY I am taking Monday and Tuesday off from day trading the stock. I want to hear the earnings call.
  11. The good guys never defend. They seem happy kicking the can each week on options expiry. I sense we will gap up on Monday though. There is not much options pressure until April 16th. Lots of catalysts next week.
  12. I am targeting 214-217 range to sell
  13. I loaded up for hopefully a return voyage here at 205 and 206.
  14. That is correct. 3.8M on 3/5 though triggered the big run up from 137 to 290ish. So as a relative measure, these numbers are large with just 70M total shares even available (and institutions owning 115% of those 70 million already...LOL)
  15. at some point, the winning play for everyone is to let these options hit. You can bet the people with the biggest short positions have hedged with options at $300 - $800. But for today, I think it means the shorts have limited shares to short from (legally). They are using their ammo conservatively so they can defend a massive run up at the very end.
  16. no sooner do I type this and they put on a massive short attack...LMAO. This stock is not for the timid
  17. The shorts are not even defending right now. They have been trading in odd count lots 57, 69, etc. But they have been pretty absent during this run up and hold. You can view for yourself here: https://www.cboe.com/us/equities/market_statistics/book_viewer/ and type in GME in the viewer.
  18. GME Call Options that could trigger at close today (losing side would have to cover early next week): Strike = $195: Shares needed = 4,539,000 Strike = $200: Shares needed = 4,891,300 Strike = $210: Shares needed = 5,070,700 Strike = $220: Shares needed = 5,274,300 Strike = $230: Shares needed = 5,483,900 Strike = $240: Shares needed = 5,717,300 Strike = $250: Shares needed = 6,240,700 Strike = $260: Shares needed = 6,382,400 Strike = $270: Shares needed = 6,649,000 Strike = $280: Shares needed = 6,823,400 Strike = $290: Shares
  19. It feels so great being right. The shorts on GME are in trouble of an avalanche if they can't get the closing price near $200. HOLD. I will have a bigger post showing the state of the options here in a few minutes. This is about to be a monsoon raining tendies.
  20. This is awesome. Thank you for this.
  21. Beautiful. I was getting a tad overextended at over 4,000 shares before this breakout higher. Loving life right now
  22. Daytraded GME all day again. I ended the day +200 shares. It's getting a tad easy. Market opens. Sell a lot starting at $2 above open price. Create tiered sells above that price as well. After the first few minutes the short attacks start. I look to add back my shares just sold when RSI(14) dips substantially (usually an hour+ into the trading day). You can visualize this easily using 5 minute intervals on the daily chart at stockcharts.com. Once I complete a sell/buy cycle, I tighten the window on buying and selling and then usually make a final splash play in the last 15 minutes of trad
  23. I think this is the cheapest way to get exposure to NFT.
  24. Was a very good day doing exactly that for me. I ended up adding +300 shares (selling 1,500 and buying 1,800). The crazy ending where it dipped below 205 was comical and that allowed me to be a net gainer on the day.
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