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  1. If you are interested in the GameStop saga, this is required reading: https://iamnotafinancialadvisor.com/discord/DD/GMEv10.pdf
  2. Institutions own 115% of the stock. And I suspect retail has at least that much as well. https://www.reddit.com/r/GME/comments/m6d20u/bloomberg_terminal_update_031621/ There are only 70 million "real" shares. Lots of games are being played with synthetic stock, but at some point the board of directors is going to recall the stock (likely to vote on a new board, etc). As the stock rises, the need for it to be included in more ETFs, etc also emerges. I think earnings and guidance represent the best catalysts to triggering the gamma squeeze. It's quite possible that a Ryan Co
  3. This is exactly what I did all day. I didn't want to get bogged down. My thesis remains unchanged. Lots of shenanigans trying to drive down this stock including borrowing tons of the stock via ETFs the last two days. But knowing the enemy is willing to battle just made it a great day trade. I ended up buying 1,800 shares and selling 1,700 to increase my already lofty position slightly. I will day trade this stock all year if it never moons. It's a volatility monster and all the diamond hands has created a lot of opportunities. But I think we will moon after the earnings call. Good l
  4. I call shenanigans, but I was always holding until the earnings call anyway. It makes zero sense that the stock would cater on such low volume. The same people that held at 290-320 are selling now? Doubtful. People getting stimmy checks aren't jumping in for discounted shares? Also doubtful. It's painful watching days like this, but I trust in Ryan Cohen and will hold this long term if need be.
  5. Hold until earnings. I expect great sales and upbeat guidance. I think this is a $600 stock legitimately by year's end. I will start unwinding slowly after earnings on peaks and buying on dips.
  6. I got a few more at $227. Easy money. Plus it trips the SSR for today and tomorrow. Nice.
  7. No one is getting 2 million a share. I doubt anyone is getting $1500+ a share. But this squeeze is looking more likely daily.
  8. A good thread on GME end game and what we saw this past week: https://www.reddit.com/r/GME/comments/m584h0/how_i_see_the_gme_end_game_playing_out/
  9. Roaring Kitty posting a Gorillaz clip: ”I ain't happy, I'm feeling glad. I got sunshine in a bag. I'm useless but not for long. The future is coming on” https://twitter.com/TheRoaringKitty/status/1371219731936591873
  10. I think the guidance will be strong at the earnings call. I think it's less about the actual earnings and more about gross sales which I think will be strong (with guidance to suggest massive growth coming as well as they bail on stores, ramp up their omni-channel)
  11. Reiterating that I think max value for GME is after the earnings call on March 23rd. Earnings are going to be strong with the two new consoles showing up in some stores before Christmas. But the guidance post call is what we all need/want to hear. This will be the first time we hear the Ryan Cohen led transformation plan and I expect it will be a giant catalyst to raise the price of the stock. March 19th has always been where the call options trigger max pain. Even if the stock finishes flat all week, this call option train is twice what what we have witnessed the last two weeks (and look
  12. The issue is that this is not just a gamma squeeze. It is being magnified by massive counterfeit stock. So each week the "gamma" part of this equation forces another 3.5M shares to be bought. This is supposedly coming from the 70M total (which institutions own 110% and retail likely own at least that amount). There are no shares. There have not been for weeks. I suppose they can make more synthetic, but retail has been enthusiastically purchasing on any dips. 101, 137, 264 - This is the escalation we have seen each Friday when 3-5 million shares are needed. What will be the catalyst to lo
  13. Funko CEO talks to yahoo finance. The last 30 seconds he explains their entry into NFT. https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/FNKO/ Video is on the corner of this page (says disrupt NFT space) I don't want to jinx it, but this has a chance to be a 10 bagger plus. This is the first time (that I can recall) that the CEO talked about entry into the NFT space and from his answer I suspect they are way farther along than people would think. Packs containing Digital Funkos would be HUGE and the secondary market (which they can profit from each transaction) will appeal to Harry Potter,
  14. I think it might be playing the long game. Lots of eyes are on this stock. Let the shorts beat it down and let retail battle it back. If whales completely tip the scales to trigger the gamma squeeze, I could see foul play called and it actually ends up worse for everyone. This slow grind is actually what we want. 3/19 and 4/16 are loaded. Rocket is going to ignite soon. Everyone playing options on this stock is doing it wrong though. Own the shares.
  15. Honestly the way this week ended was great for the resiliency of the stock. Outside of that middle of the week BS halt/crash, this stock kept solidifying channels on strong upward movements. Now all of a sudden $265 seems like the floor. We finished last Friday at $137.
  16. There are sites that calculate max pain and it does hit near these levels a lot of the time. AMC finishing over $11.00 puts that stock back in focus (despite it's zillion shares)
  17. wow what a letdown. This triggered 3.35m shares needed the next couple of days. Next week really is hell for them, but it would have been nice to trigger a few more here. The strategy might have been to try and stay under the radar before the next Congressional hearing this week.
  18. Funko in the 17.xx - We hardly knew you
  19. I think the good guys might be controlling everything right now to keep it in the channels. This stabilizes things and keeps retail from getting skittish and fleeing. If it overheats now and then retraces, it would scare a lot of people. How it's playing out now is simply a growth story. I would love 3-5% a day all the way up to 3/19 when the fuse gets lit and we get liftoff.
  20. Funko in the $16.xx - We miss you already.
  21. How stupid of a hedge fund manager does one have to be to continue to fight over GameStop. The people you are fighting have grown up on video games. We game, strategize, and devise ways to beat the bosses. Forget what your boomer mind thinks. This is a GAME to many of us on the other side. And armed with your misdeed of you over-shorting this stock + the ETFs it was in + creating synthetic shares, you are cornered. We literally have one of the sharpest minds in creating a business (Ryan Cohen of Chewy fame) You will die of a thousand cuts from us by just holding.
  22. These moves up are on so low volume that this is delicious.
  23. I feel like this could be my slogan I am so deep into this stock.
  24. The whales heavily invested in the 3/19 options have not even jumped in the party yet. This will be a war in an effort to get this above $300 at the end of the day.
  25. These efforts are facing so much resistance right now. They threw the kitchen sink for 5 minutes and moved the price just $3. The good guys have not even tried to battle yet. This is retail holding the line. They are screwed.
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