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  1. Most expert opinions seem to believe WFT got a player that fit a need and the BPA..... well done.
  2. I would be looking for Andrews/Hock/Fant for that much draft capital.
  3. Loads of fun comparing the Bloom 100 and the RSP
  4. We need to know what your QB situation is to evaluate this trade. I like it if you have two or more solid QB. Not so much if you have Lock and Teddy.
  5. FFPC 12 team SF Gave: 2022 2nd (probably mid) Got: Fitzpatrick, 2022 3rd (late) This is a "Studs & Duds" type team that I took over this year. Only had Mahomes at QB. Fitz makes this team competitive this year. Still a couple pieces short of being a contender.
  6. Peterson got a year off for spanking his son. NFL may view this as a larger sin or maybe not.
  7. For those of us unfortunate enough to win our leagues and stuck drafting from the 1.12 slot it comes down to Moore or maybe Gainwell. They seem to be the most likely options available. I'm not thrilled with either. Might try to trade back and pick up a 2022 first.
  8. This trade makes me want to go out and join a contract league
  9. In 1QB leagues I have him behind the big three rookie RBs, but well ahead of Gainwell. The 1.06 would be either Smith or Waddle which would probably do it. In SF leagues that would somewhere around 1.10.
  10. Don't forget to pick up Isabella in deeper leagues.....
  11. OK. Your trade makes sense now. That 1.02 is valuable in SF, but not as much as the 1.01.
  12. I'm guessin' his team consisted of Cousins, Cook, Jefferson, Smith, Joseph, Min Def and you "generously gave" him Thielen? Second guess would be collusion....
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