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  1. F'ing early Dodgers game :finger: that Urias start sitting on my bench
  2. Flurry of last minute roster moves before the first pitch
  3. This defense could be really interesting, tons of rotational pieces up front, versatility at LB and the DBs are top notch(if current group stays in tact). Add a young sideline to sideline type MLB and we could be looking at an elite D
  4. I think the fan base thinks that BB will sprinkle his coaching dust on Jimmy G and unlock something. That plus the constant Jimmy G talk from the local media and it has really snowballed. I personally would rather just start fresh with someone in the draft, this year or next.
  5. Makes no sense to me, they would all be low 1st rounders(highest being 15 this year). Plus Watson has to waive his no trade and Pats haven't been on any of his destination lists that I have seen. This is nothing but talk show fodder IMO
  6. Yeah some real crazy talk re Watson, no way do they have the juice to even come close IMO
  7. Truth but why does this agitate anyone? who cares
  8. Agree but they are really harping on it, real overkill
  9. Speaking of Felger and Mazz why do we care that Drew Rosenhaus reps the majority of the guys the Pats have signed? Grasping at straws to try and piss people off here? I don't get it
  10. This more obvious than ever that pre show they plan on what will stir up the most ####, pick sides and boom. It's entertainment and that's it, legitimate takes are VERY secondary.
  11. Username isn't Patriots related. It was shortened here years ago from "IndividuallyWrapedKraftSingles". I've always been a fan of Kraft cheese food.
  12. Thats two guys that are 26 so far, nice to see guys brought in with some solid prime years in front of them
  13. Tough position to gage prospect wise for sure. I came very close to dropping Triston McKenzie several times over the last couple years. Same with not protecting Spencer Howard(over guys like Price, went back and fourth several times on that one) and trading you Nate Pearson. Decided to go with the "bird in the hand" philosophy when it comes to parting with young pitching. To many unknowns with roles and injuries these days.
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