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  1. Think I'm finally bailing on Myles Jack. In the Jax games I've watched he's just not in on plays, he's usually very late or getting run by/over. I had faith going into the season but this dude is looking like a bust. Nothing but crappy play and injuries
  2. Awesome finish, congrats DD and Eephus too for making it interesting
  3. I'll create Keeper and draft threads at the new site when I get a chance
  4. My Roster kinda fell off a cliff so I'm open to creative trade offers if you have a surplus anywhere. Hit me up, you all have my text
  5. Draft Order(Calc here) ChemX 11 Von Doom 15 Rudetruckazarfro 29.5 Blondes&TREbbas 32.5 Kraftsky 35 Roll Off DepravedDegenerates 35 Roll Off FrosThorn 36 DiscoJews 37 3 -Way Roll Off Rene 37 3 -Way Roll Off Rodg 37 3 -Way Roll Off IHSV 42 novozillas 43 Roll Offs required
  6. I really think it's for the greater good if Cam starts the season and they transition to Mac sometime during the season, best case post Brady return game. Eases the pressure on Mac, gives him more wiggle room to fail then persevere if Cam has already had his shot and shown us what he is THIS year, which is still kind of a wildcard. Don't think they are Chip quality either way so lets not ruin the kid to early, my two cents.
  7. Joe Schobert trade to Pitt good for his value? Possible he splits time or still a three down guy?
  8. Pitchers starting to get healthy now + and IL starting to pile up on the hitting side I put in a claim for Trammell as well FYI
  9. F'ing early Dodgers game :finger: that Urias start sitting on my bench
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