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  1. @Eephus I'll drop Verlander, what a stupid waste of a waiver claim that was. Don't know what I was thinking.
  2. The Canha steal was unexpected, OF depth took a hit there. Then Eephus' plethora of usable OFers got closed out so going to plan B: Lorenzo Cain OF, MIL that will close out DD @Aloof
  3. I'll take Heston Kjerstad, dude is an older draftee so should know sooner than later if he can adjust and figure things out. The O's kind of seem like they know what they're doing lately, draft wise anyway. @Aloof
  4. No trade at the moment so I'll take Will Smith, RP ATL Free Agent(now I have both Will Smith's ) @Aloof
  5. Possible trade implications with this pick so holding for a bit
  6. Interesting the first and last place teams were the first teams to have multiple players taken
  7. Plenty of time to talk myself into and then out of several players
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