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  1. On Black Friday I bought the 85” for $1996.
  2. I bought the X900CH from Costco on Black Friday and we are very happy with it. We mostly watch sports and normal TV, but I have watched a few 4k movies off of Netflix and they are great. It was a great sale and ended up saving over $1k vs the Samsung. As long as you don't have the 2 TV's are not side-by-side in your house, you will likely be happy with either one.
  3. Thanks for the positivity BF. If I were still under 230, I would agree. Letting the 10 lbs. creep back on is the disappointing part, but it is ok. I will be under 230 again soon and then onto the next goal.
  4. 1/1 weight 243 239 this morning (up 0.5 this week) I was not very strict on the diet this week and wasn’t great about exercise so up 0.5 is less than expected. I have no reason for the poor behaviors other than minor stuff I should have overcome. Seeing the progress you are all making and thinking “that could have been me” will hopefully kick me in the butt to get focused again. Otis is the same size as me and he has lost 10 lb. in the same time I have only lost 4. I need to catch up! Yesterday was the start of a new trend.
  5. Starting weight 1/1/21 - 243 Weigh in - 238.5 (down 0.7 this week) I was hoping for a bigger loss, but I did go off the rails a bit on Wednesday. I had a work dinner that consisted of wings and beer which led to more wings. Overall I wasn't too bad and ended up at about 1700 NET calories for the day. If that only happens once every couple of weeks instead of every couple of days I will be fine! I behaved yesterday with 1500 calories, 30 minute walk and 30 minute bike.
  6. Stayed under 1500 for the day. I knew I wanted a few beers during the game so I ate low calorie lunch and dinner. rode 30 minutes and walked 30 minutes.
  7. Just under 1500 calories which is great considering I felt like I cheated a lot (I think I counted everything I ate). I had a few chocolate covered almonds (instead of a handful). I had 1 cheese enchilada (instead of 3). I ate 6 tortilla chips (instead of an entire bowl). Overall just enough to satisfy my urges. 30 minutes on the bike and 45 minute walk.
  8. Good day today 1300 calories (will add some fruit later, but should stay under 1500) 45 minute walk and 65 minute stationary bike (rode the entire 4th quarter of the Colts - Bills game).
  9. I switched from Diet Cole to unsweet tea years ago and had headaches for 2 weeks. That convinced me how bad diet drinks are for you. Anything that causes withdrawals can’t be healthy.
  10. 1450 calories (including 2 beers) 20 minute walk in the rain and 45 minutes on the bike. I had the 2 beers instead of the ice cream the rest of the family was having. Probably the same number of calories, but it kept my sugar craving from kicking back in. I have avoided sweets all week and don’t even want them now. A bowl of chocolate sitting on the counter all week hasn’t been touched. I am afraid if I have one I will eat them all.
  11. I used to make fun of my wife for being an "apple snob", but now I get it. Pink Ladies and Honeycrisp are the way to go! Red delicious are the Detroit Lions of apples.
  12. Week 1 weigh in: Jan 1 - 244.2 Jan 8 - 239.2 Below calories every day and above exercise goals 6 out of 7. The cravings for sweets are beginning to subside. I find that cutting out the sugar entirely is much easier than trying to limit it. Once I have 1 or 2 bites of chocolate I just want more. Eating fruit quenches the sugar craving for me.
  13. You are not the only one. I have the same issues on the weekend. We tend to eat out more and just have less time to plan meals. Add in football snacking and beer and everything goes off the rails This seems like a common issue in this thread.
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