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  1. No worries, I started perriman and got 2.4 more points than mostert so it worked out great. Thanks man for all you do.
  2. Hi Bloom, thanks for doing this. Half PPR, 4pts passing td Plan on starting Sanders and Boone at RB, Thomas and AJ Brown at WR. QB - Rivers or Cousins? Flex - Mostert or Perriman or Deandre Washington? Thanks again.
  3. He did find one. It didn't pass the NFL safety protocols and was ruled out. Back to square one.
  4. Try again homie. I'm not a dynasty player but you MAY be able to tell why I'm a bit biased based on my user name and icon... but it's probably before your time kiddo. 2018 Derek Carr (OAK) 381/553 - 68.9 - 4,049 -19/10 So a nearly 70% completion percentage for over 4000 yards and a 19/10 TD to INT ratio (with no real receivers other than a TE) puts him on your DND list. Ok cool, good luck with that mindset. Like I said, you do you boo boo.
  5. Completely off topic and not only that, completely wrong... but you do you boo boo.
  6. This may have been posted earlier in the thread if so I didn't see it, but another forum said the Jets have now followed Bell on Instagram. "They only follow 88 other accounts, all of which are either current or former Jets people or other pages associated with the team". https://imgur.com/a/YAnuhVk Let the rumors flow.
  7. Another XXXL OT almost same height and weight as Miller. Protecting Carr is the priority for everyone involved obviously!
  8. so a pure overpay for guy that could have been had in any of our next 4 or 5 picks? wtf is going on right now?
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