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  1. I really don't see it. Finally put the guy on my bench yesterday and praying for an ARob trade here before the deadline.
  2. Guy looked amazing to my old eyes. Electric. Not very smart it appears either. Lucky he did not connect and break his hand or wrist. Will be interesting to see his punishment from the League and the Team. Was in my lineup and will stay as long as not suspended!
  3. I'm moving them to the top of draft boards....non sheep category I call it.
  4. In the same boat....I feel pretty good about it too.
  5. That was a solid montage of video.
  6. Exactly my point Guru....I highlighted above....If you want to take it go ahead....if forced I have an issue. I would also safely assume that is what Beasley is saying here... Politics in sports has ruined pretty much any enjoyment I had is sports. I was already fed up with high salaries and this bigger/better than you all attitudes. Happy Father's Day to all you Dad's out here today! Hopefully the sun is shining where you are and you can enjoy the day. Vaccinated or UN......I identify as vaccinated and BTW Cole if you are reading this and need a vax card ring me up I got ya!!
  7. No man...Rap not my thing....god forbid though the guys has a different viewpoint. Thought I heard more than half of the Washington Team has not been vaccinated...just because he went public with his displeasure of the non-vote by the union does not make him a fool.
  8. Disagree....his points are valid and now has become my favorite player in the NFL...his body, his choice. Guy is not a sheep.
  9. In a Keeper / Dynasty you have to consider in my opinion.
  10. Ballsy....with Chase and Pitts I have him a solid 3...I guess it depends on format
  11. About the opponent...I used to say the same thing when Khalil Mack was here at UB....he sure proved me wrong. I'll give this kid Patterson some credit here. Back to back weeks of amazing stats and a solid career.
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