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  1. About the opponent...I used to say the same thing when Khalil Mack was here at UB....he sure proved me wrong. I'll give this kid Patterson some credit here. Back to back weeks of amazing stats and a solid career.
  2. It was...tough catch and should have had it. Then really didn't look his way much the rest of the game. I may regret it but I'm putting him on the bench.
  3. Agreed...Play calling is terrible at best....passes I have seen lately seem to be behind whomever the qb is throwing the ball to if the WR/TE is moving. Just never feel good to start him. Three games vs Colts the numbers are terrible. I think he sits on my bench today.
  4. Anyone else thinking a plug and play with Kerryon? Could be worse
  5. Doing the same...Dallas D over Baltimore this week. Don't love it but who even knows if they play Sunday and cannot afford a total goose egg
  6. Stafford banged up, Swift probably not playing, Golladay banged up and I think questionable....I am laying off that one.
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