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  1. The Tucci show is really good. There is also "Bobby and Giada in Italy" on Discovery +. It is fun to watch. Wish it had more than 4 episodes.
  2. With the price of ammo that's about it right now.
  3. This will give women less incentive to join the workforce and will also give the families already on government programs incentive to have more children.
  4. I find the Super Bowl being offensive to plates and cups.
  5. Sounds like this would be considered a good vaccine if we were not comparing it to the other 2 vaccines. Maybe younger less susceptible people could get this vaccine and others could take the mRNA vaccines for greater protection.
  6. What if Usain Bolt was trans? He would destroy every women's track and field record and they would never be broken unless another trans athlete came along. How is that fair to all of the other female athletes?
  7. Ohio is reporting the lowest number of hospitalizations since Mid-November. https://www.whio.com/news/local/covid-19-hospitalizations-lowest-since-mid-november-curfew-deadline-approaches-this-week/WR6W2YQU7BGKHKRCEDSP762HOI/
  8. If you are using an old shorcut the link is wrong. This was my old shorcut that does not work. https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/forum/4-footballguys-free-for-all/ This is the new shortcut https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/4-footballguys-free-for-all/
  9. I saw where US special ops cut power to the Vatican and landed a helicopter and arrested him.
  10. It is sad. The people I know posting this are good hard working people. They would do anything to help someone. They are just fed up with the Democrats socialist agenda and the media attacking Trump for the last 4 years. My wife just sent me a text saying her aunt (75 yo) called her and said we need to be prepared. She said her voice was trembling as she told her. The posts I have seen on Facebook are an entirely different group of people than her aunt.
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