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  1. Question about unemployment benefits. My wife recieved some partial unemployment in 2020. Today she received an additional payment for 2020 to correct an error. Should this be included as 2020 income or 2021? Haven't looked at the state site yet to see if they have any info.
  2. Seeing more ammo available online lately. Is the new normal $1.00/rd for 9mm and $1.25/rd for 5.56mm?
  3. Our area has been in school since September and there have been no outbreaks reportedly caused by schools.
  4. Joe was going to take questions at a virtual event and the White House cut the feed before he could.
  5. The Tucci show is really good. There is also "Bobby and Giada in Italy" on Discovery +. It is fun to watch. Wish it had more than 4 episodes.
  6. With the price of ammo that's about it right now.
  7. This will give women less incentive to join the workforce and will also give the families already on government programs incentive to have more children.
  8. I find the Super Bowl being offensive to plates and cups.
  9. Sounds like this would be considered a good vaccine if we were not comparing it to the other 2 vaccines. Maybe younger less susceptible people could get this vaccine and others could take the mRNA vaccines for greater protection.
  10. What if Usain Bolt was trans? He would destroy every women's track and field record and they would never be broken unless another trans athlete came along. How is that fair to all of the other female athletes?
  11. Ohio is reporting the lowest number of hospitalizations since Mid-November. https://www.whio.com/news/local/covid-19-hospitalizations-lowest-since-mid-november-curfew-deadline-approaches-this-week/WR6W2YQU7BGKHKRCEDSP762HOI/
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