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  1. Is he droppable? With Herbert looking good and Montgomery probably coming back in a few weeks I am looking for someone to drop for a WR to fill for bye week issues.
  2. Diggs, Thielen and Mike William's on bye so I needed him to play. Plus have Pittsburgh on bye and dont want to drop them as their are no better options. Think I might just tank this week.
  3. https://www.whio.com/news/trending/reports-fda-approval-mix-match-approach-covid-19-boosters-expected-this-week/KYRN52J6C5AOZNIMCPG7V5V4WU/ Looks like we will be able to mix and match vaccine boosters. I got the J&J shot and will be waiting for more data on which booster to get when its my turn.
  4. FanDuel and Yahoo have free contests. I won $1.36 on Yahoo.
  5. Doesn't matter if they are unloaded or not. There are not enough truck drivers to deliver it all.
  6. https://newsthump.com/2021/10/12/blue-origin-crew-concerned-by-new-uniforms-ahead-of-shatner-space-flight/
  7. What are everyone's thoughts on neutering? We have a 7 month old shih tzu that is scheduled to be neutered in 2 weeks. The vet recommended it, but I have also read a lot of articles against it as well. Just wondering what others have experienced.
  8. I see a shoot out tonight unless Bengals can get pressure on Lawrence.
  9. If the Bengals history is an indicator he will be out for several weeks if not the season.
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