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  1. Jeez..between the people not showering and pissing in their adult diapers that theater is going to need detoxification after this "event"
  2. Decent movie, would watch again. Enjoyed the 90s nostalgia. Also Brie could definitely sit on my face.
  3. This theater didn't even sell Star Wars out on opening night. It's awesome.. i can walk up 10 min before the movie, buy a ticket, sit in the middle, buy a coke, bring my own boubon in a flask, and enjoy without a bunch of crowd noise. $10 tickets.
  4. Saw Black Panther last night and thought it was pretty decent. Not as good or fun as the Thor movie, but enjoyable and excellent cinematography... I'd recommend it. Definitely better than Dr. Strange
  5. My wife is starting me on this Whole30 after the superbowl. I fear this is going to turn me into a WholeBasspole
  6. Thor was really good, I recommend seeing it. Funny, visually awesome. I felt the same walking out of that that I felt after guardians 1
  7. i always go with a buddy to all the x-movies and generally enjoy them... i've passed before.. on ones like the first 2 wolverines.. i'm going to try and talk my way out of this one. There's not 1 second in that trailer that looks interesting. Appears they want to make a horror movie. No thanks
  8. sad state of affairs in my life when I'd rather bang Aunt May than any one of the teen girls at Peter's high school.
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