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  1. Gritty stuff cleans your teeth but at the expense of enamel.
  2. can you post a pic of your front teeth? DM if you don't want it here?
  3. 9/11's direct impact to me as a human has only been the increased number of safety procedures at the airport. Obviously it affected me emotionally and I feel sorrow for those lost, but not a massive amount of direct impact to me long term. Covid worries me - it affects my daily life in noticeable ways now, and is going to for the next several months..... and it's not like we're going to wake up one day and it's over.. it's going to be such a long slow decline.... furthermore because of the way the world reacted to this, what's going to happen when Covid-20 or whatever they name the next thing that hits happens? Same thing? Because then I feel for my kids who are going to be dealing with this in schools for the forseeable future
  4. I remember being on the FFA and getting most of my news about what was happening from that thread since I wasn't around a TV at the office. It was wild. I think that was within my first few months in the FFA.... old yellow. Hard to believe this much time has passed
  5. When they announced the show back in '17, I thought it had no chance of being good, but I was all-in because I adore the franchise. I couldn't believe how good season 1 was. Then figured they would be hard pressed to continue to have success in season 2 and they really made a good season there as well.
  6. Hey Dentist, good question, you know all the staff members put a lot of work into writing the articles and you should really consider going season long pro. Oh.. you don't really read any of the articles? you only look at the 5 second primer? You should probably save your money then since you've had a 30% income drop this year. But wait, don't you like some of Bloom's tier articles? You know you do. Oh, you aren't confident that the season will be very fun or even go the whole time? that's reasonable. Well this is a tough one.. what are you going to do with the $25 you save? Oh, your wife is just going to spend it? You could invest it and buy probably another hour of retirement someday... man this is tough.
  7. I play in one league. Should I get season long pro membership for $40 or the draft dominator app for $5 and league dominator for $10
  8. Otis I work away from home have one less kid, no dog and put in half the hours. But between my mil living with us for 8 weeks, my two best friends moving across the country in the last 6 months, and many of my usual favorite activities being taken away I'm also triggered. Hell I'm posting this from vacation at an awesome lake and it's still hard to relax. I feel you bro
  9. Ha! The 2001-3 version of myself might have been able to make the show!
  10. It's definitely technique. Watch some YouTubes or get "the book" on DVD. It's great.
  11. Healthy and active with muscle, not very fat, good knees and flexibility.
  12. Here's the thing though. I feel like most people aren't going to be able to do the max saving thing an have stuff without an extremely high income, favorable cost of living or juicy inheritance. I think most can have one or the other but not both. If I hadn't been maxing retirement incomes I could have bought a ton more stuff in my late 20s and 30s. And in some ways I wish I would have. But I'm 100 percent debt free with new cars and a new home so the moves I made then really opened up some financial freedom moving forward.... Well at least in non pandemic years where my income doesn't get destroyed
  13. No. That wasn't my angle. I'm nearly 43 and just spent an hour kneeboarding with my kids and by myself. But I've been doing it for 15 years so there's some muscle memory. Meanwhile I taught all of my friends and bro in laws to do it and none can\will anymore. My point was as much as I advocate financial sensibility, it is sure way cooler to own a boat in your twenties and thirties then to get started in your 40s. I have a buddy that did just that and it's struggling mightily with water sports. So I'm telling you buy that boat sooner or keep yourself in amazing shape if you buy it at 45 plus
  14. You ever slalom skiied or wakeboarded? It's absolutely brutal to the body unless you are thin and light or in wonderful shape. It's much more physically taxing than snow skiing. I'm competent in both.
  15. I knew a dentist who had all the nice things you're talking about and then all of a sudden he lost his home because the money ran dry and he was refinanced up to the roof. He sold all the stuff, lost all his friends, and basically lives in a crappy apartment now like a poor person. Now the question is.... would he do it over again to live that high life in his 40's and 50's... or was there some regret there? All his peers lost all their respect for him because they realized the life he was living was a lie. On the other I see a lot of people buy boats and stuff later in life when they don't have the physicality to use and benefit from them anymore and basically their kids are the only winners, which is fine also. You can't just all of a sudden take up waterskiing and wakeboarding in your late 40s to early 50's without some real physical consequences. I was lucky enough to be given an old but usable boat in my early 30's when my friends and I could still really enjoy it physically.
  16. A lot of those people will either be working into their 70s and hating their lives then or will be seriously poor old people. I see it all the time. Now, some of those people admit that their 30-50 year old self basically told their 70 year old self to eff off... and they are ok with that.
  17. 40% - everyone mentioned the money motivation. I feel like if any league will find a way it will be the NFL. If these other sports can play the NFL will. However, my Royals have lost 3 players to covid in just a week of being back and I see MLS has had to cancel some games and I feel like if MLB or NBA falter in their comebacks that the NFL could be in a bad spot. I think fantasy football could be a real problem this year.. in the same way fantasy baseball was ruined
  18. I felt this way in April and May when I was at home bored out of my mind. By now I'm at the point where I'm not sure I care and knowing I won't be able to attend kind of kills the vibe for me.
  19. I won't be the least surprised if when baseball or NBA resumes that they have a huge setback and have to re-cancel or something. As starving as I am for live games and content (though not starving enough to watch nascar or formula 1 or cornhole) at this point I'm really not even that excited for the nba season to be concluded or for MLB and I love Royals baseball. It's also getting harder to see the possibility of of the fall sports working especially at the high school and collegiate levels.
  20. Still think this market is insane, but i bought a decent chunk back in a couple weeks ago. Still took a huge bath on my moves.... whatever
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