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  1. Already got a draft on the 4th. I tried Brant as well.Am I in? I'm ready, willing, and able.
  2. After seeing the pics and reading the comments, I'm torn between being sad that I missed it, or glad that I couldn't make it.
  3. Picked up 10" and 12" Logic skillets at Wal Mart on Friday, used them on the grill for my mother-in-law's birthday grillout. Cooked marinated steaks and porkchops with them. Worked well, and steaks/chops tasted great. The only problem was maintaining heat, which may have more to do with my old, cheap, and poorly-maintained propane grill, combined with the amount of cooking I was doing. I had about 10 steaks and 4 chops to cook, plus vegetable skewers and shrimp kabobs. Overall, I really enjoyed the taste, and will definitely use this method when grilling good cuts of meat.
  4. To you? None. To your buddy she has a crush on? Tequila. Damn.Sometimes, the truth hurts.
  5. She could have crossed the line without going all the way to full penetration with internal ejaculation. Hands, mouths, breasts, etc. could have all been involved without leaving a ######l "odor or discharge".
  6. I'm sure he would fight back, but I'd be damned if I didn't let it be known in no uncertain terms that there's a price to pay for fishin' in my pond. Hell, even if I got my butt kicked, I'd be able to look at myself in the mirror afterwards. Unless he porked her again right after he beat me up and made me watch while I lay there all beat up. That would kind of be embarrassing. It'd be worse if he beat you up and then porked YOU.
  7. Maybe, but it looked the same to me when I went shopping. Isn't the Gentleman a Tennessee Mash and not a Bourbon?Jack is NOT a bourbon.
  8. Did your magical, invisible father and his virgin baby-momma and son answer your prayers yet?
  9. Working today, but just barely. Taking a client to lunch, and taking another client to the Reds game tonight. Will run a few personal errands in-between. Sitting at home in my jammies right now, surfing the web.
  10. Went to an Irish Whiskey tasting at a local liquor "superstore" in the Cincinnati area last weekend. They offered tastes of 6 different whiskeys (including Red Breast). One of the whiskeys was a Knappogue Castle that was originally casked back in 1951, bottled in 1987 (making it a 36 year old whiskey), and they opened a bottle for the tasting. Smoooooth, and very tasty. The bottle originally retailed for $650, but was marked down to $250. I almost bought one, it was that good. Instead, I bought the current version of Knappogue Castle, which retails for around $30. It's a very tasty Irish for a much more reasonable price. Also bought a bottle of Rowan's Creek Bourbon - a 12 year old, 100 proof small batch. Also very tasty, for around $40. Anyone in the Cincinnati area should check out the Party Source in Bellevue, KY. They have a pretty diverse selection of Scotches, Irish Whiskeys, Bourbons, Rye whiskeys, etc. It seems like they have some sort of whiskey tasting about 3 or 4 times a month, for $20 per person.
  11. Looking for bulk, but still a good flavor (but also considerable burn)? Go for Bulleit. You'll get a lot for your money.Looking for a smoother, more refined bourbon? Try Woodford Reserve.Bakers is also good, and it's a 107 proof, but it'll cost you closer to $40.
  12. Bourbon on the rocks, with a splash of water, is one of the greatest joys of life. I've been drinking Baker's lately - 107 proof, but surprisingly smooth and tasty. Woodford Reserve is very good. Bulleit is decent, especially for the price.
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