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  1. In the series 2 base set, there are 2 moments for many of the stars, and 1 moment for lesser players. I'm just reporting the 10 million total moments that others have calculated. It isn't quite as simple as 286 unique moments x 35k = 10 million since some of the moments are limited edition at 10k, 15k, etc.
  2. For those keeping track, Top Shots has released 10 million series 2 base moments.
  3. Right. It seems Top Shot has just been guessing and trying random ideas the last few weeks. It has messed with the supply and demand, and people are pissed. One day it is unlimited packs, the next day it is a challenge with a crappy reward, the next day it is a somewhat rare pack with mostly crappy players, etc. Owning moments is so much better than a simple picture of the player. I would have been drooling at the idea of this as a kid. But they need to get back to basics which is cheap packs with mostly cheap unlimited moments, and rare packs with great moments from superstars. I would
  4. 41 out of the 45 rare throwdown moments are selling for less than the cost of the pack. The 4 money makers aren’t even selling for much ($150-$300). I should have just skipped the pack and bought a Zion or Edwards for $280.
  5. Since moments can someday be turned in for tokens, I decided to buy up a dozen moments for $3-$4. I also completed the Hustle challenge for the Giannis moment. Figured that completing a challenge might be a future pack requirement. I will probably lose money on both of those decisions, but it is worth it for some future opportunities. So my collector score is high enough to qualify for today's rare pack, and I'm going to go for it. I'll let you guys know if it was worth it, or if I crashed and burned the $150.
  6. Just a heads up.... there is an upcoming pack drop where everyone gets a pack but you need to reserve your pack within the next 2 hours.
  7. If you search the marketplace for "Legendary: Holo Icon Series 2" you'll see the moments for sale for $900 - $22,000, with many in range of $1500. Looking at the sales histories, it it looks like a handful of each moment are selling every day, although it's never clear how much actual money is being exchanged.
  8. There is a registration going on right now for a common pack. I think that everyone who registers will get a pack. These common cards are headed further downward in price, but wanted to let everyone know just in case there was interest.
  9. Opened my pack and it featured jump shots from Joe Ingles, Marc Gasol, and Carmelo Anthony 😂 Truly awful pack. Cool Cats was Christian Wood so I flipped it for $50 already. Wish I would have left the pack unopened.
  10. Same here. I've got $15 invested total, and I keep flipping unwanted cards for more packs and players I actually do want. Sold a Cool Cats Dragic for $85. Used that money to buy more packs (which included a huge Anthony Edwards dunk) and an Anthony Davis dunk from Lebron for $15. Definitely worth the small investment to own some highlight plays.
  11. Isn't Top Shots just repeating the same problem from early 90s card collecting? The companies pump out tons and tons of cards (making $$$ for the company), while collectors get left holding junk because there isn't any scarcity. Let's say years from now, you want an Anthony Davis moment. Well you are in luck because they have released 17 Anthony Davis moments since September. Repeat that year after year, and there will be hundreds of moments available for every player. I can see the rare moments holding some value, but not the $5k - $25k values we are seeing now.
  12. I liked Rodgers. He was a bit dry but he has a good sense of humor and a quick wit, so he will get better as he loosens up.
  13. Thoughtfully supporting men will not get you put on ignore. It's usually the unhinged rants that will do it.
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