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  1. Currently sitting at TE #5 in PPR. Also has the 3rd most receiving yards of any TE. Not bad for the rookie's first month.
  2. What are the odds of making a 60 yard FG? Because McCarthy sent out the FG unit for a 60-yarder with 20 seconds left in the half. Seemed likely they were giving the ball back to Brady at midfield and that's exactly what happened.
  3. With 3 divisions, do you just group all teams together when determining playoff seeds (1-8)?
  4. Every time Ayton catches the ball moving towards the basket, he travels. It’s like he takes the 3-4 steps but he forgets to dribble.
  5. Detailed analysis of yesterday's incident TopShot admitting the mistake and making amends with those who participated in the challenge
  6. TopShot has been busted by the community again….. for the most recent challenge reward (Mitchell Throwdown), the serial numbers weren’t assigned randomly. There were assigned based on when each user joined TS. So the earliest user received serial #1 and the latest user received the last serial number. Luckily everything is on blockchain so someone was able to call them out on it. Now the serial numbers for all previous rewards are being questioned.
  7. I still really like the idea of owning a collection of great plays. But TopShot has been all over the place with their decisions and execution lately. They are always trying to fix a previous mistake. For example, they wanted to make rares more available to everyone so they released 81,000 "rare" Throwdown packs. Since that bombed and everyone sold the mistake, TopShot made collector score the qualification for the next rare pack.... and they gave a strange bonus score to those who have lost money in the marketplace. They've got a legendary drop coming up and the rumor is a collector score of 5,000. So they've pretty much priced out any new users unless a new user wants to spend over $1k just to become eligible. And yes, the value of moments is VERY dependent on every TopShot decision. Changes to collector score, requirements, challenges, release numbers, new sets, and ticket trade-in system can all send a specific moment value sky-high or crashing to the ground. I'll continue enjoying the cheap stuff but I don't have much faith in anything more than that.
  8. A better analogy would be if your daughter set some school records her junior year, but during her senior year a boy in her class transitions and then beats her every race and takes her records. Or a boy takes her #1 singles spot in tennis. Or a boy takes her starting point guard spot in basketball. I think you and your daughter would be upset.
  9. That burden should fall on the individual making the decision to transition, not the entire rest of the world to accommodate them. "Well you are biologically male, so you won't be able to complete in girls sports." Hopefully that discussion would include the many other ways for the individual to exercise, work hard, practice teamwork, etc.
  10. Exactly. Hearing about even one girl in Connecticut losing out on a medal is enough for me to speak out against this.
  11. What a bummer for the 10 women who should be competing for an Olympic spot, but instead they are sitting at home while a man competes in their place.
  12. In the series 2 base set, there are 2 moments for many of the stars, and 1 moment for lesser players. I'm just reporting the 10 million total moments that others have calculated. It isn't quite as simple as 286 unique moments x 35k = 10 million since some of the moments are limited edition at 10k, 15k, etc.
  13. For those keeping track, Top Shots has released 10 million series 2 base moments.
  14. Right. It seems Top Shot has just been guessing and trying random ideas the last few weeks. It has messed with the supply and demand, and people are pissed. One day it is unlimited packs, the next day it is a challenge with a crappy reward, the next day it is a somewhat rare pack with mostly crappy players, etc. Owning moments is so much better than a simple picture of the player. I would have been drooling at the idea of this as a kid. But they need to get back to basics which is cheap packs with mostly cheap unlimited moments, and rare packs with great moments from superstars. I would love to buy low on some of these cool moments, but I have no idea what TS is going to do next which might tank the value. People don't mind buying a lotto ticket for $10 and coming up empty. But when 75k of your users spend $150 on a lotto ticket and get a pile of doo doo, those users won't stick around for long.
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