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  1. I liked Rodgers. He was a bit dry but he has a good sense of humor and a quick wit, so he will get better as he loosens up.
  2. Thoughtfully supporting men will not get you put on ignore. It's usually the unhinged rants that will do it.
  3. There is a small amount of evidence at this time. He texted one woman to say that "he makes a lot of massage therapists uncomfortable" and he texted another woman to apologize for making her uncomfortable during the massage. Obviously that isn't enough to convict someone of a crime, but there is evidence he knows that he acts inappropriately during massages.
  4. He is accused of rubbing his #### on women, among other things. What kind of evidence would you expect when something like that happens? This case is always going to be "he said, 20 women said".
  5. Seeing the Dolphins trade down from the 3rd pick in order to add 2 future 1st rounders just highlights how incompetent Quinn was in last year's draft.
  6. So as a massage therapist, you would secretly record your clients undressing and getting on the table? Yeah good luck with that.
  7. What if the women are choosing a civil case simply because they want Watson called out for his creepy behavior? Same reason a lot of women have spoken up during the MeToo movement.
  8. If I went to 10 massages and acted appropriately, there would be proof of return visits to those same therapists as well. So I would probably pound that fact. But that didn't happen in Watson's case. Most of the women refused another appointment from him. And he even texted at least one therapist apologizing for making her uncomfortable during the massage. So I don't think your hypothetical scenario is a good example.
  9. Got my first pack. I am surprised that people are willing to pay over 50% the cost of a pack in order to buy a common. So I sold off 2 commons to pay for the pack. Still have a regular Curry and cool cats Dragic to show from the pack. Off to a good start.
  10. It's common for massage therapists to have male clients try to expose themselves. Massage therapists don't go to the police about those incidents, they generally just refuse to take that male client again. So Watson is basically dealing with a MeToo movement to call out his creepy behavior. I don't think he will get convicted of anything except being a creep. Also, most of these happened in the last few months. Even as recently as a few weeks ago. So this isn't a case where the women are coming out of the woodwork from 20 years ago. These are very recent.
  11. Seems to me like the Cavs are doing the right thing for Drummond. Same with Blake Griffin and the Pistons. Since the teams do not want to start these guys any longer, it is better for the guys to just sit out the games rather than play bit roles off the bench. By sitting out, at least these guys may still be perceived as starters in this league.
  12. Just wait until a small college recruits an entire team of transgender basketball players and wins the womens national championship.
  13. That was more than a tug, he completely slowed the WR. So it doesn’t matter where the pass went. But if it makes you feel better, switch the penalty to “Holding, defense. First down.”
  14. Easy call with that much jersey grab. Don’t care if they were letting them play the rest of the game.
  15. Brooklyn going all-in with 3 emotionally unstable all-stars. All 3 guys are "me-first" type players. 2 of the guys are in their early 30s. I doubt this goes well for the Nets. Houston received unprotected 1st round picks from Brooklyn in 2022, 2024, and 2026, plus Cleveland 1st round pick in 2022, plus "pick swaps in 2021, 2023, 2025, and 2027". That means Houston can choose whether or not they want to swap picks those years, correct? If so, I like the deal for the Rockets. 8 lotto tickets in the next 7 drafts.
  16. Yes the rules are fair because they are the rules. IMO the contest would be more enjoyable for everyone if the rules were improved.
  17. Quickly glanced at the top 20 scoring entries for the week. 0 have any chance of winning this contest. Still don't like the contest rules.
  18. Ok. Then why did the ref later decide to reset the play clock?
  19. When Seattle went back to the huddle, the refs started the play clock with only 22 seconds on it. Why?
  20. Well here are the RBs that were being drafted immediately before Taylor and Montgomery, so I'm going to assume you had a better chance at the playoff than most of these teams..... RB 12 - M.Sanders RB 13 - A.Ekeler RB 14 - K.Drake RB 15 - J.Conner RB 16 - C.Carson RB 17 - R.Mostert RB 18 - D.Johnson RB 19 - L.Bell RB 20 - T.Gurley RB 21 - M.Ingram RB 22 - M.Gordon
  21. First drive. First and 10. Carry by J.Taylor for -1 yard. Didn’t get a first down. Third drive. First and 10. Carry by J.Taylor for 1 yard. Didn’t get a first down. So the running game was also part of the reason those 2 drives failed. Agree that the passing game was awful on all 3 drives.
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