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  1. You've done a good job I think. In my opinion Chase and Pitts belong in the top tier. Not with the QB's in suoerflex but next tier down.
  2. I like IDP Guru. He does rankings and has a lot of good articles and weekly waiver pickups. His site is redraft oriented not dynasty thou.
  3. AS far as I know - there is no direct number. Call the main number when answering machine asks who do you want to talk to say cancel service - and they will ask change service or cancel - answer cancel service - sends you to customer retention.
  4. I called and got the RedZone as a stand alone for FREE this year.
  5. Ooffirst to die wasn't bad. they got worse quickly. i didn't make it through 4 or 5 & gave upPatterson is a hack. I'm not sure he even belongs in a book discussion. I just feel bad for the guy that bought a 10 book series.One of my daughter's classmates recommended some Patterson series geared toward young adults (I can't remember the name, but they were kids with wings or some such oddity). I told her he'll start with an interesting premise, but before long, you'll be throwing the book across the room. They'll be a plot "twist" that totally contradicts almost everything that's come be
  6. I would be great to have a new version - I have 3 startups happening in July. I finished 2 startups without DD and wished I would have had it available!
  7. Started a 10 book series by James Patterson - First to Die - introduces the "women's murder club" - great crime mystery. Now on to the second "Second Chance" Not just for women a male friend of mine started me on these.
  8. Just started Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen and am hooked into it immediately!
  9. Dead or Alive - Tom Clancy - another great Jack Ryan book and certainly leaves the way open for sequel #??????
  10. Just finished Divine Justice 4th in camel club series of books by David Baldacci (actually I got it from audible.com and listened to it. Will now go back and read the prior 3 books. Kept your attention and has a good story line that would have been better if I had read the prior 3 books. I am now listening to Tom Clancey Dead or Alive perhaps a book better read than listened too as there are a few story lines going (as all his books do) (I listen while I work out at the gym) and it is easy to miss something. I am just starting to READ - The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo 1st book of 3 and fou
  11. Thanks for the offer but I don't play in IDP leagues anymore.

  12. I see you have been very active on FBG's for a long time. You know your stuff. Our league is looking for 3 more active owners. 14 teams $100 fee - using Leaguesafe to handle the finances. We start 20 players


    scoring http://football.myfantasyleague.com/2011/options?L=60240&O=09


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