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  1. No, Ryan is too much older than Mahomes and Darnold isn't really better than Goff. Mahomes is the clear 1.01 pick in most SF formats, unless the scoring is much lower for QBs than in most.
  2. No to all. I have my doubts that Goff will be a long term starter in the NFL. I would have to get a better QB in the deal.
  3. No, you should be able to get a much better RB than Sermon for those 2 in a SF.
  4. I would need to get one of the top, under 30, QBs for him (combined with Ryan or Tua) in a 1 QB league. He's worth more than Stafford in a 1 QB IMO.
  5. I didn't look it up, it's shows that I watch. It will say next to each episode when it's expiring, if it's expiring. There's also a list of shows and movies from your watchlist that's expiring when you're logged onto Hulu.
  6. It's losing a lot of shows I like, to be more specific. I don't have Hulu Live so I won't be getting NFL Network from it.
  7. You can't have too much insurance on the offensive line. I'm always in favor of smart signings on the line. Don't give a mediocre starter, like Solder, the largest contract ever at his position (at the time), but otherwise I like trying to improve the line, even if you're just trying to improve your backups.
  8. I have Netflix and Hulu and will get Disney for a month or 2 a year to watch some new shows or a movie, but I don't have kids so they don't have nearly enough content for me to subscribe longer than that. Hulu is losing a lot of TV shows soon and I'm having trouble seeing the value after that happens. I'm not too happy with Netflix either since I haven't usually liked most of their original content. I'm looking for some new services to try so I think HBO is next. I'll probably replace Hulu with it soon.
  9. I think Kamara is worth approximately the 1.01 or 1.02 pick this year. I've seen Harris get drafted ahead of Kamara in some dynasty startup drafts recently. McCaffrey is worth substantially more than Kamara IMO. It would take at least 2 1st round picks depending on when the picks are. This year there's a top 5, although it seems like there's a bit of a drop after the top 3 (Harris, Pitts and Chase). 2 of the top 3 picks should be enough. If it's not enough, I would probably walk away from trying to get McCaffrey. If it's not top 3 picks, I don't know if there's a package of picks th
  10. Aside from Netflix and Amazon, what are everyone's favorite streaming services?
  11. I don't have a list of specific players off the top of my head, but offensive line is the most under-represented position in the HOF. I'm sure there's a lot of deserving o-linemen who aren't in and won't be getting in because the HOF voters focus so much on stats.
  12. I agree. What Henry did last year was unsustainable. Plus, Tannehill passed for 3,819 yards, which was below average, but he also had 33 TDs, 7 INTs, and a 65.5% passing completion. He's a good QB, but they relied on Henry so much they didn't need to pass as much so his passing yards have room for improvement. Now they've upgraded from Davis to Julio and it's not hard to see Tannehill getting 300+ more passing yards to go to about 4,150, which would make him average to above average. Rivers had 4,169 and Carr had 4,103 last year.
  13. I still think unless the rules say otherwise, a tie means the rule change didn't pass and the commissioner doesn't get tie-breaker power, but you should have included this in your OP.
  14. Also, in leagues that I'm commissioner, a tie means it didn't pass. You need a majority to pass rule changes. I don't give myself tie-breaker power. I don't think a commissioner that plays in the league should have any more or different power than other teams, especially when it comes to things that affect team building and management.
  15. I'm in an auction league that has draft picks, but they're only there for trading purposes. The auction money each team gets is based on their finish to the season so if you came in 1st your 1st is worth something like $150 and if you came in 12th it's worth like $250 (not real numbers but you get my point). 2nd and 3rd round picks also have their weighted values. If that's how the auction money is going to be divided then trading away his 1st is ok since he lost that amount of auction money and the other team gained it. That said, I think the change shouldn't have happened until it was a
  16. I think at this point I'm leaning towards one of the WRs. If the teams were established, I wouldn't trade Brown or Lamb or Metcalf straight up for any of those RBs.
  17. If you were doing a startup dynasty draft, how would you rank these players: AJ Brown Metcalf Lamb Chubb Swift Dobbins
  18. Never give up. We're here for you.
  19. I thought Devo was. Maybe I'm misremembering. I never liked Devo.
  20. I never could get into 80s pop music. I still have nightmares about that night I was stuck in an 80s throwback bar at the beach because my friend, whose house I was staying at, was hooking up so he insisted on staying (she wasn't as good looking as his girlfriend). They played "Come on Eileen" 3 times. It was torture.
  21. Did we ever get any pictures from North Korea from when they landed a spacecraft on the sun?
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