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  1. My second week weight loss is just 0.4 pounds. Probably introduced some carbs with flourless bread as I strive for a well balanced diet. Certainly never hungry and, overall, am eating very healthy. Weight moving in the right direction and I'm willing to be patient. First weeks weight loss was well above pace so maybe this is things leveling off. No alcohol in two weeks... not against it and might imbibe a little Whiskey except, sometimes, you just need to take some time off. I'm sure some of you can understand. Foot feeling much better; Gave it a couple extra rest days to avoid
  2. I meant that I don't see racial motivation in checking on someone that isn't properly dressed. I agree with you... the boy looks them in the face and says he is walking from work and he probably gets a lift.
  3. I've had two encounters in the past six months with people that seemed out of place. The first was walking through heavy underbrush along a river bank. Although we speculated that he could just be scoping out a spot to fish, it wasn't really consistent with his attire or clumsiness. A little over an hour later, he tried to kill himself by jumping off a bridge downstream. Fortunately, this bipolar individual was pulled from the water by rescue personnel without serious injury. The other was similar to this young man - walking in frigid conditions in just a T shirt. Maybe we wouldn't have
  4. Where do you see Lawrence going in rookie drafts in those formats?
  5. Guess it depends on the format, but Hurts would have to do exceptionally well to be worth the 1.05, never mind that being a bargain.
  6. I've had peanuts come out of my nose... no picnic.
  7. I agree but also counter that maybe Belichick used that approach with Brady and it bit him in the ####.
  8. One week in and the scale says down 6 pounds. Based on calories, I think there was a legitimate 3 pound loss and another 3 in water weight, due to the inherent drop in carbs. Nice start - I'll take it in stride... should help offset any bad weeks. Not exercising yet but pain in the foot/ankle is lessened. Hoping that, by this time next week, I can bump the activity level. Really enjoy eating. Natural foods have included fruits (banana, orange, berries), chicken, steak, beans, nuts, seeds and a good mix of vegetables that have found their way into salads, omelettes, stir-fry or a
  9. Of course, his value then will be a fraction of what it is today, possibly zero.
  10. You must have me confused with somebody. I made the point that Gronk was more likely than Godwin or Fournette to be in Tampa next season. Maybe all three will be there... Gronk just seems the least likely to move on. And I don't think anybody but you mentioned bargain basement prices.
  11. Or a little less. As funny as it seems to say, I don't think money is a huge factor. Winning matters and Gronk can have a smaller role in Tampa, compared to his New England days.
  12. Started a diet this week and, although it isn't Atkins level, I'm averaging about 70 net carbs a day. Looking like the weight loss will be more than I predicted based on just calorie deficit. I'm thinking, the drop in carbs is making me retain less water.
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