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  1. I've had MORE than twenty-two women claim I was an A*Hole, which clearly isn't true. I'm just misunderstood.
  2. Say the title and didn't know if Fulgham signed with the Dolphins or was Missing In Action. Suspected the latter.
  3. They could play.... years ago. But I would run with Gordon.
  4. Didn't think it would last this long but I'm still trotting out Swift with Williams in the flex every week. Granted, I've got a couple injuries...
  5. With transaction fees, I don't see this as something I would do routinely. However, I have neglected to draft a kicker for similar reasons.
  6. I hear you... imagine that if they have a mandate on the number of kickers to carry, there are similar roster constraints/conditions on other positions. So. in following those rules, there is much less roster movement (trades, etc.) than there might normally be.
  7. Not exactly your scenario, but I was placing my waiver claims and had several players listed with Knox as my third choice. However, I recognized that the players ahead of him (RB, WR) only added marginal depth to those positions and I'll need a TE next week. I normally only carry one TE.. but I like what Knox is doing, wanted a piece of the Bill's offense and like the idea of depth at the position. So, I pulled the trigger now expecting he probably wouldn't be available next week. As a plus, hoping not to have to make any claims next week with a climb to an better waiver position.
  8. Inept. Funny thing is that she thinks she has a social game.
  9. The fantasy world is a fickle one. I like Davis and, of course, New England is a tough match-up for a rookie QB. As the top option in their passing game, I agree with your take on Corey and expect him to post consistently good numbers. I don't have Davis rostered personally, but do have shares of Moore. I thought this was the year the Jets turned a corner. I'm willing to give it a little time for this young team to get some experience under their belts.
  10. Hopefully, this is meant figuratively.
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