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  1. Might depend on my roster but I'll take the youth of Jeudy. 2020 was a unusual year for rookies and Denver wasn't the model of success. In short, I think the book is still out on Jeudy and I'll take that potential.
  2. I've always had to present a photo ID when voting. In fact, I was surprised this is not universal. I think its a reasonable requirement and do not see racism in the law. One could argue that its actually racist to assume minorities are less capable of maintaining proper identification. Kind of like Biden suggesting minorities might struggle to get vaccinated... I digress. If you have valid rationale for the law, but it affects some groups more than others, I'd be interesting in the reasons, and possible corrections, for that disparity more so than the law itself.
  3. I hate the semantics of "trade bait"... it should be notification to the rest of the league that you are open to making a deal and would entertain legitimate offers . And the first part is very important, its hard to negotiate a trade with a disinterested trade partner. However, it always seems like people equate "trade bait" to a yard sale,
  4. I just as soon keep it at 16... its just a money grab... do we really need 17 games to determine play-off seeding? Give me quality. Put your 17 game season and Thursday night games into the dumper with the USFL (1982-1986)
  5. Depending on my mood and knowing the person making the offer, even if its of the comic variety, sometimes I'll take it simply as notice that they're interested in player "x" and a counter is warranted. On the other hand, you learn to know your league mates. If I guy can't make a trade unless he skewers somebody then I'm going with nuclear tactics. Diplomacy is over-rated and, some men, you can't just reach. That might be another phrase I could market. Failure to Communicate
  6. You already leveraged the future by traded away all your quality draft picks in the next two drafts. Now, give up ALL your remaining picks over the next three drafts for 1-2 players? I don't think this is a sustainable plan and no one player "guarantees" anything. I stand pat and work my tail off on the wire trying to build RB depth, even if its long term depth. Come the trade dead-line, I make a decision to move some assets to 2022 picks if I'm on the outside looking in.
  7. I'm going to disagree while coining the name "Snarky Snorkelson". You could have told him to get lost and... if he really wanted to deal, he might learn to skip an iteration or two of low-ball offers.
  8. Johnny is entitled to his opinion and I'm glad that everyone doesn't see things the same way.. I also rank ETN as the 3rd RB and behind Chase and, depending on roster, Pitts. So, in theory, I have him as 5th off the board. I can see someone really liking Smith and/or Waddle so i don't think Johnny's take is out of the realm of reason. A knock on ETN, as a rookie, might be age due to a 4 year college career. That being said, fantasy drafts being so RB centric, I don't expect to see ETN drop past #4 in start one QB leagues.
  9. Andy made the offer and responded with his plan to target a RB/QB. Jefferson had an opportunity to prove himself at the NFL level and did admirably. Some may think Chase or Smith a suitable replacement or, like Ady, could be targeting a top back. So, to me, the principals in the trade are the 1.02 for Jefferson. Let's say you believe Chase = Jefferson, with landing spot a big variable. The addition of the 1.12, a potentially very good player in a deep draft, makes it pricey to me. I definitely understand the preference for Jefferson and his proven track record.
  10. I think the 1.2 AND the 1.12 might be a little steep for Jefferson. But his counter was brutal. Not sure if you can be transparent on your thoughts behind the original offer. Are you thinking receiver at 1.2 (Chase/Smith?) and a quality prospect at 12? Curious how you think Jefferson compares with the top 2-3 WRs before landing spots are determined.
  11. That's a very different take and, if accurate, suggests these neighbors are actually quite accommodating. It was a true "neighborhood" growing up in a city of single family and tenement homes in close proximity. Now I live in a rural area with larger properties and, for the most part, don't even know some of my neighbors and I've been here almost 20 years. Can't fathom asking people to take down signs in either case.
  12. Only saw a hand-full of their games last year and suspect the Patriots understand the impact COVID had on him. I could see his role ranging from a veteran backup to a bridge QB, or a serviceable NFL starter. It will be interesting to see if and when they address the position in the draft. As for where they go... it's always fascinating to follow Belichick.
  13. Regarding people being pissed, it sounds like you bought a desirable property that many people wanted... I would take it as a complement ("Ie: lucky you") and a likely point of discussion with the person who just purchased the property. You don't think those flags were going to be placed regardless of whether you bought that house? As for the person broadcasting an offensive name - idiots do come in all sizes, shapes and colors.
  14. Cam looked like he couldn't throw a football last year.
  15. Mistake, IMO. You don't give up the proven shiny new toy for an unproven shiny new toy because you want to be involved in the draft. Make some lesser deals and trade into the bottom of the round, or the second. Maybe really do your homework and target a guy that might fall. It could work to your favor but Lamb looks like a stud and is 22 years old.
  16. Maybe you understand karma... Comedy not so much.
  17. My second week weight loss is just 0.4 pounds. Probably introduced some carbs with flourless bread as I strive for a well balanced diet. Certainly never hungry and, overall, am eating very healthy. Weight moving in the right direction and I'm willing to be patient. First weeks weight loss was well above pace so maybe this is things leveling off. No alcohol in two weeks... not against it and might imbibe a little Whiskey except, sometimes, you just need to take some time off. I'm sure some of you can understand. Foot feeling much better; Gave it a couple extra rest days to avoid
  18. Not buying any Coke products...
  19. I meant that I don't see racial motivation in checking on someone that isn't properly dressed. I agree with you... the boy looks them in the face and says he is walking from work and he probably gets a lift.
  20. I've had two encounters in the past six months with people that seemed out of place. The first was walking through heavy underbrush along a river bank. Although we speculated that he could just be scoping out a spot to fish, it wasn't really consistent with his attire or clumsiness. A little over an hour later, he tried to kill himself by jumping off a bridge downstream. Fortunately, this bipolar individual was pulled from the water by rescue personnel without serious injury. The other was similar to this young man - walking in frigid conditions in just a T shirt. Maybe we wouldn't have
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