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  1. Say the title and didn't know if Fulgham signed with the Dolphins or was Missing In Action. Suspected the latter.
  2. They could play.... years ago. But I would run with Gordon.
  3. Didn't think it would last this long but I'm still trotting out Swift with Williams in the flex every week. Granted, I've got a couple injuries...
  4. With transaction fees, I don't see this as something I would do routinely. However, I have neglected to draft a kicker for similar reasons.
  5. I hear you... imagine that if they have a mandate on the number of kickers to carry, there are similar roster constraints/conditions on other positions. So. in following those rules, there is much less roster movement (trades, etc.) than there might normally be.
  6. Not exactly your scenario, but I was placing my waiver claims and had several players listed with Knox as my third choice. However, I recognized that the players ahead of him (RB, WR) only added marginal depth to those positions and I'll need a TE next week. I normally only carry one TE.. but I like what Knox is doing, wanted a piece of the Bill's offense and like the idea of depth at the position. So, I pulled the trigger now expecting he probably wouldn't be available next week. As a plus, hoping not to have to make any claims next week with a climb to an better waiver position.
  7. Inept. Funny thing is that she thinks she has a social game.
  8. The fantasy world is a fickle one. I like Davis and, of course, New England is a tough match-up for a rookie QB. As the top option in their passing game, I agree with your take on Corey and expect him to post consistently good numbers. I don't have Davis rostered personally, but do have shares of Moore. I thought this was the year the Jets turned a corner. I'm willing to give it a little time for this young team to get some experience under their belts.
  9. Hopefully, this is meant figuratively.
  10. I think a 2nd for Williams is reasonable to make you more competitive this season. Not hearing great things about 2022 draft and those picks are a crap shot anyway.
  11. I'd like to think Kezar Pub is home to many fine drafts.
  12. Blame the announcers.... same thing happened later in the game with Jaycee Horn.
  13. I think he looked tentative on his first carries but seemed to relax later on. Still, short of "special".
  14. As you may remember, I have reservations about Tua and would love to bring in Watson. However, what IS the deal with him? I know the Texans are keeping him inactive amidst all his troubles but would the league allow him to be moved/active?
  15. Moments before the injury the announcers were talking about how big his legs were.... and the alleged benefits of his rehab training. My immediate thought was "uh-oh... kiss of death". And then he got hurt.
  16. No idea what video you're referring to... Scooter, my boy. But I love your characterization of the irresponsible unvaxed, the single cause of our troubles, coughing over the innocent vaxed as they sleep. In this country, with about 3/4 of those above 12 receiving at least one dose and the UK (with 80% fully vaccinated), daily infection rates are pretty much as high as they've been. Not to mention an additional percentage who've had the virus and should have some natural immunity. Do those numbers add up? Maybe we don't know as much as we think we do... But the vaccine is not as effective against new variants and loses efficacy sooner than expected... possibly in just a matter of months. The vaccines lessen the severity, ultimately lowering the risk of hospitalization or death. While that's great, the vaxed are still getting sick and passing on the disease (as you acknowledge). Truth be told, we don't know the actual rate, as one would expect more asymptomatic cases among the vaxed. One concern with the vax is actually a false sense of security. I've observed many drop the COVID precautions. I know you believe it is the other way around, but I suspect the studies you've referenced are skewed by the anti-vax segment that never followed such precautions in the first place. So, a couple points... I don't believe in the persecution of the unvaxed, especially to the extent of taking away their livelihood. I also believe the situation is complicated and, as frustrating as the pandemic is, we should avoid the tendency to try an lay blame on a single cause.
  17. My daugher, an ER nurse, contracted COVID while on the job in 2020. She has asthma and it was not a good bout. Subsequently, she got the vax, but the next day learned of Johnson & Johnson blood clotting concerns. This was alarming, to say the least, as she also has a rare blood disorder. If it were up to me, she wouldn't have been vaccinated. f the vaccine was such a success, why are you all worried about the unvaxed?
  18. I hope you're wrong about Waddle. One drop isn't a trend and I'll give him the benefit of the doubt on first game jitters. I am concerned that Tua's inability to push the ball downfield will limit Jaylen. I can't tolerate any Marino comparisons. We both know why... You look around the league at the Herberts or some of these other young, running QBs and I guess I'm a little jealous/frustrated.
  19. Are you a Packer fan with that handle? Is their season over after one bad week?
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