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  1. Interesting that Jeremiah seems to think that for scouts it’s somehow a game of Haskins vs Murray. They are completely different QB’s and personalities. I think both will have a lot of success in the NFL. I think Drew Lock also has the potential to be a good QB and won’t shy away from him either in the right situation for dynasty rookie drafts.
  2. Matt Patricia is about the same as Weis or Crennel. Thinks he can plug in the same parts and pieces without Tom Brady. Sounds good, doesn’t work.
  3. Tony Pollard - RB/WR/KR Memphis 6’0 208 College Stats Highlights
  4. Devine Ozigbo 6’0 235lbs CollegeProduction Highlights
  5. Really liked this guys film from college. His measurables didn’t really stack up to his tape but now he had some good production yesterday. Obviously a Shanahan offense is always a hot bed for RB’s.
  6. If there is a thread I missed let me know. Searched multiple times. Reserving first post for vitals when I edit.
  7. 6'5 256 6.87 3 Cone 35 Vert 10-1 Broad College Stats Pro Day Not sure I've been as impressed by workout numbers without a 40 time. Everyone can continue to talk about Gesicki, guy is going to be a monster.
  8. Manziel. Colin Kaepernick played chicken with the owners. Had his gf not said what she did about the Ravens owner last year he would have backed up Flacco and probably had a job right now. Instead she did that, he sued the NFL and that’s probably all history will write as the league has proven time and time again that they will hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil until problems go away.
  9. College Stats Player Profiler Page Senior Bowl Highlights 2017 Highlight Reel 2017 v. Stanford Just wanted to punch my ticket on this train... didn’t see an individual thread in my search.
  10. You know what is a character flaw? Skipping team meetings, lying to the team about drug use and being a repeat offender putting yourself at risk to be off the team at any moment. I dare you to name 100 WR’s who have skipped meetings and insulted their teammates in the public over wanting targets. I’ll wait.
  11. Treating Bryant like crap? Let’s not forget how much his absence hurt the organization last year. Real NFL isn’t fantasy. Ben’s deep throwing may be done from everything I’ve seen and for all we know he may be a one note song like the aforementioned Mike Wallace. He got targets the first three weeks and wasn’t able to capitalize with them. What do you think his wanting the ball is about? You don’t think it’s about money? Because that’s ludicrous.
  12. Better WR’s then Martavis Bryant have come and gone in Pittsburgh. When he’s gone this nonsense won’t be missed. He can go be like Mike Wallace and find out consistent winning and good QB’s are a rarity in the NFL.
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