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  1. Part of the reason I ignored the “bad situation” talk early is because the trade up was such an egregious overpay. It’s a tell that the Rams may have big plans for him.
  2. The good news is Seattle still intends to run it into the ground and if Penny looks appreciably better he has a slight chance to take the lead role though it may be an ask as Carson was a stable force. I also get the feeling Schotty probably likes the runaway train style of Carson (I do not and it’s why he has been injured every single season dating back to his senior year). Penny is a finesse guy who relies on vision and patience. We’ll see where that falls into Seattle’s plans. If he can act as a pass catcher he has a chance to earn the full Mike Davis role instead of further vulturing from Travis Homer, who I also like.
  3. I think he’s more of a COP TE. Doesn’t have the size to be a feature TE. Just my opinion.
  4. I don’t even think they know if he’s going to be available to them if I’m being honest with you. I haven’t wanted to say that because it’s just going to get everyone worked up again but what about this suggests Gurley is healthy? He looked awful in the playoffs, he has had no offseason surgery and we’ve been told this is chronic. They could hope he makes it back to some form and have the same thing happen week 1 as did against the Patriots, then what? I think Henderson needs 180 touches to be viable this year. That’s about the same as White, Cohen and Lindsey and not that far off from Mack, Coleman and I believe a few others who ended up in the top 20. This all assumes the Rams maintain high efficiency, low run totals against stacked boxes and Henderson himself is hyper efficient. If Gurley is available I would think their plan would be to keep him under 250 or 225 touches. I don’t have a lot to base that on but they’ll definitely wanting to play keep away from 300 and if they’re in a comfortable position within the division they’ll want to rest him for the playoffs. I think that would only leave Henderson between 100-150 touches dependent on Brown’s assumed usage. I think in Gurley’s worst case 225-250 touches is Henderson’s ceiling with a lot of work falling to Malcolm Brown. I think in Henderson’s worst case he only sees around 100 touches and doesn’t get more than 20-25 receptions. The variability does not make him attractive to me in best ball/redraft. I still love his ceiling in dynasty and think he’s the best player available. Asking a player to be uber-efficient is a bit dangerous but also rewarding as they don’t need a lot of bulk work to succeed.
  5. I’d prefer to have a discussion about re-draft/best ball. The upside is being tapped out with this latest burst of hype. If he climbs to the 6th and then gets big runs in preseason I don’t know if that will be the last stop upward. I don’t know that he can be a target there without a clear understanding of the situation and Gurley which we assuredly will not get. Not trying to call anyone out. I would like to say that it was put into question that I didn’t understand the fantasy marketplace in my assessment of Henderson vs the rest of the class. I tried to explain that McVay lied throughout the playoffs about Gurley and even had a lengthy post with several of his quotes. Tea leaves are important and so is understanding the context of the situation if things break right. People were asleep at the wheel in May. I am jealous of the person who positioned themself to get Miles Sanders and Henderson at the May discount.
  6. I got him on the cheap in one dynasty. Honestly wish I had a bit more of him. I get the hesitation and a player like him I don’t often put much stock in (with pretty much nill college production). Guy was explosive last year though. I guess my concern is John Brown being brought in to take that role. Not sure what Buffalo’s plan is. Maybe they don’t even know what they have in Foster.
  7. Exactly and still almost had 1,000 total yards. That’s also with widely being panned as a mediocre route runner. If he has put in the work this offseason and takes a leap this is going to be a freak of football player. Think about what Tyreek Hill did, from 860 yds first season to 1242 yds second season. I get the low TD total being a valid concern (Cam being a vulture) but TD’s are highly variable.
  8. JuJu was going at a massive (and worthwhile) premium last year. Why do I mention JuJu? Well on the surface people tend to perceive that JuJu was more productive his rookie season: JuJu 58 rec 917 yds 7 TD’s ; 0 rush; 917 total yds 7 total TD’s DJ Moore 55 rec 788 yds 2 TD’s; 13 rush 172 yds 0 TD’s; 960 total yds 2 TD’s Obviously completely different players. I think Cam could be a partial issue. My point is more so (and I haven’t done a best ball draft since pre NFL draft) I was pulling DJ Moore in round 6/7/8. I feel like JuJu was pulling 4th or 5th round value by the time preseason ended last year. I think DJ is an incredible value right now. ETA: This type of rookie production is highly predictive of dominance. Especially entering year 2.
  9. @FBG Moderator when this is done continually and is continually false it is a troll, a lie, and pissing in the Shark Pool. When does it end? This has been streamed across multiple, multiple threads now. Without any accountability for it. I know I’m not a great poster with a great rep but how many threads need to go down this path?
  10. I don’t think anyone should go down this path and I can be a pretty big jerk on these boards. This is an opinion based hobby. Yes, I believe Henderson matches predictive traits that suggest success and potential high level success but these are still humans. So I think TripItUp is wrong to say that and I think escalating it is bad too. Let’s leave it at that. This isn’t black and white either. People are allowed to change their minds too. Planting your flag is fine but why make this a war zone. If you play in best ball you get exposure to damn near everyone anyway.
  11. Gruden blows a lot of smoke. I’ve always liked Waller as a long shot athlete. Still pretty cheap real estate in Best Ball. Pretty sure any good dynasty has eaten him up off of waivers. Not sure I’d be a heavy believer with the other targets available in Oakland.
  12. Lol... if someone wants to say someone .02 seconds away from Chris Johnson’s 10 yd split doesn’t have elite burst... well that person should stop acting like they know a damn thing about football. Seems to me that same person would meander over into the CMC thread and say he’s a COP. That person would have an intelligence level of a small child or would be a troll that should be given a vacation from this board for posting the same thing 12 million times. But what do I know, I just get vacations for posting jokes or calling people out.
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