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  1. I used to be the same way. Now, I allow myself some chocolate(1/3 100 gram bar) and a few cookies(3 double stuf oreos for example) everyday and it's become part of my lifestyle, rather than a treat that needs to be instantly destroyed. I have three different types of cookies, and three different types of chocolate bars in the house and don't crave them at all. They have their place in my routine, simple. Never thought it would have been possible after my previous life of gorging, but all habits can be broken.
  2. I went from never weighing myself, to weighing myself 3 times a day. I lose about 1kg after my run, then usually weigh 1kg more at night than before my morning weigh in. morning x post run x-1 night x+1 Pretty consistent.
  3. I like MAF and I think it helped me quite a bit. I’m on a gym treadmill now for an hour max, so it doesn’t really work for now. When I can get a longer run in, I’ll use it for half my runs. I found it helped my breathing a great deal, but the slow speeds can be embarrassing.
  4. Ran a sub 45 minute masked 10k today and am very pleased. From the start, my goal was to be a better runner, and the weight would take care of itself. The size 34 pants I was so happy to buy are too big now. Ego motivates me, and the results have been awesome. I want to get faster, and that keeps the eating in line. It feels great having lost the weight. Now the goal becomes keeping it off.
  5. Do you play the national anthem at parties?
  6. This is the correct answer. Not because of being offensive, but because team names are stupid. Like schedules and relegation, another thing soccer does better.
  7. Seems like it would be way more than 2430 calories. I could do it on a good day, filet o fish isn’t filling at all.
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