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  1. Pretty cranky for a Friday night, but you do you. Maybe get some fresh air tomorrow and try not to think of Biden so much.
  2. I didn’t participate in any previous discussion. I stated, and will state again this was a terrible crime. I have no clue why anyone interacts with you.
  3. How many women have been assaulted in the past few years while you waited for this one incident? Not making light of this in the least, it’s a terrible crime, but your scoreboard watching is disturbing.
  4. HR was in the 140s and creeped into low 150 during 10k run today. Chest HR monitor was too tight, and was very uncomfortable today. I think my 6 day plan will be slow medium slow slow fast slow. I'll give that a try for a few weeks and see how things go. Thanks for the help. I'll keep reading and add updates now and then.
  5. My runs have been fast(for me). I usually run from 10k to 8 miles(hour limit on treadmill). Growth has come from adding .1 mph every other week. Yesterday’s run was probably a little above conversational, but close.
  6. My activity has been like this: March 2020-Sept 2020 was all MAF runs on a track. Very slow and I think it helped a ton. Runs were between 8-12K. Sept 2020-present has been treadmill, usually at an aggressive pace. I started adding slow 10M runs, but haven’t in a while. Hope to add longer runs soon. If I run 6x a week, for roughly 45-50 miles, how should the fast/casual/slow ratio look?
  7. What is a good pace for a ‘casual’ run, relative to a hard one? The run I called casual seemed pretty good. It was comfortable and I easily could have kept going.
  8. Hello running people, I have been running for about two years now and am planning on taking it up several notches in the near future. Here are some basic stats:(all runs are on treadmill) 5'7 176(previously 225) 41:00 10K(pb), at roughly that weight 41:04 10K with a mask on. I feel this was my peak. Was about 163 then. 52:55 10K today, casual run. I don't do casual well. Always feel similar fatigue compared to hard run. 53:36 8M, maybe my best run 1:15:00 10M, a while ago. Very comfortable 37:30 10K is my goal I'm more concerned with a faster 10K than adding distance for now. Will definitely add some long runs, but goals are 10K related. Currently have no intentions for any events. This is strictly an ego trip. I'd like to get my weight down to 150-55, but not too worried about the number. At my lowest, I was eating about 500 calories of sweets a day, so I'm hoping some weight loss comes easily. Also still had a decent belly at my lowest, so I figure 150 is possible. I run on the treadmill 6x/week. Was at roughly 40M/week during most of the pandemic. I'm in hospitality, so work is of little concern for now. Hence why I want to really get after it. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  9. Your jib was not cut to my liking.
  10. I watch very little CNN, but about 90% of what I’ve seen lately has been of that botched drone attack. Even had a press conference with some military dude.
  11. He has a haircut you can set your watch to. Have to admire that a little.
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