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  1. He has a haircut you can set your watch to. Have to admire that a little.
  2. Maybe people who understand tennis can explain better, but watching Novak v Nishikori, it seemed like winning the first set was not the priority for Novak. It didn’t seem like a slow start, it seemed 100% strategic. Not saying he was trying to lose, but winning was secondary. Anyone else feel the same way?
  3. A lot of Old Joe Syndrome in here. Some of you need to get some fresh air to take your minds off the Pres for a bit.
  4. Dropper is trying, but filling PS77’s shoes is an impossible task.
  5. Can someone point me to the weight loss thread. Why is my text so small?
  6. I've been assuming he's Ignatiusjreilly.
  7. To be fair, no amount of life experience prepares to meet someone like Scott Williams.
  8. I got suspended for 2.5 months for calling you a troll. 🤣🤣🤣
  9. I always enjoy the football players would dominate if they wanted part of the program. Meanwhile, mediocre college basketball players become hall of fame football players. I am very confident that there are many more olympians who would become great football players than football players that would be great Olympians.
  10. Not 100% sure, but don’t think anyone in this thread has that authority.
  11. Everyone in thread - Cuomo has to go. GoBirds - Silly libs never turn on their own!!!!
  12. Yeah libs, I want to see you physically remove him from office. No more words online, off to Albany and yank him out by his ear. FBG lib road trip!!!!
  13. If he’s suspended, he deserved it. Went way over the line with Squis. Not sure what thread it was.
  14. No clue, but he should be IMO. Went way over the line.
  15. Wow, you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.
  16. This is free advertising, sure Tucker is fine with it.
  17. He’s pretty much the only reason I come in here. 😞😞.
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