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  1. Malignant is pretty much an early 80's movie retold but in a different way, but I wont say which movie because it would be a massive spoiler but I liked it overall. Finally saw Host also, Shudder version. I loved it. Typical jump scares but still intense.
  2. My hometown is throwing this. Going to be awesome. https://blueridgerockfest.com/ https://blueridgerockfest.com/lineup/ Also free place to stay if you are coming here to see it
  3. For something that was suppose to be so big, this is awful.
  4. Brand New Cherry Flavor is some weird and crazy #### and its awesome.
  5. Worst season so far. Always my favorite show , but this year....hope something happens soon
  6. Been awhile but damn if I havent gone down that hole. Wow!
  7. Supposedly PSA is raising their prices later this week. Wonder how/if that will change things.
  8. Just heard of them/her. If you hadnt heard it either please enjoy WOW
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