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  1. I guess. But she had been around for hundreds of years. It's fine, just caught me as somewhat off-putting at the time. Then Wanda changes the town back and leaves. Presumably the hex is still on Agnes, but how strong can it really be when all the other town folk are back to normal and Wanda is not even there?
  2. Mahomes, Ben The best in the business and a solid veteran backup. I gave thought to taking one of the rookies as a 3rd but that probably would have been a waste of a pick. Should be a strength. Zeke, Pollard, Montgomery, Felton (R), jefferson (R) Top 2 should be solid, the rookies could add to the depth or totally bust. Really wanted Duke late. Aiyuk, Diontae, deVonta (R), MW, Green, watkins 3 vets (wouldn't call them solid), 2 of which will change teams. I probably didn't need to go 6 deep here but without a top #1, the depth should help. E², Ertz, OJH At le
  3. Yeah, that makes sense but it was still over quicker than I'd have liked and makes Agatha look far dumber/ more trusting than she is.
  4. I'd much rather use a lifecycle fund through vanguard than pay a FA on an AUM setup. advisors can be very helpful for many things, but managing your investments is very low on that list.
  5. I know personal capital was going to add my TSP to the bill. Wasn't going to sign up with them anyway but that sealed it.
  6. Minor gripes, but I'll say them anyway. For the most part you're right, that it's our own expectations getting in the way. This episode was rushed, but we knew it would be. SPOILERS, so don't read on unless you're seen it. No Darcy. I get that she was in the van, but that was it. I'm okay with fietro, but I wanted something from señor scratchy. The fight with white vision was entirely too short. (I get it, it's one episode and they weren't the key but all that build up for seemingly nothing) The line about witches not being able to perform magic i
  7. I like tua just about as much as anyone does, but there's significant risk there (which of course could pay off well). Obviously your RBs are among the best in the league. I wanted Duke in the 20th but he shouldn't fall this far. Jones destination is key. Very nice WR group, especially if the rookies play well. Don't really like your TEs but Everett could improve big time. Overall, I think you're a strong contender if Murray performs like he should and Barkley is healthy.
  8. Your QBs could keep you around even on your wr's bad weeks and if your backs don't do we well as you hope. The duo could outperform mine (mahomes and Ben) I'm not sure what kickers were available when you took your 3rd defense but it's an interesting decision. Personally I'd rather have one top defense and 3 kickers but you could be right. I fully expect either brate or OJ to be elsewhere next year, but if not Brady does like his TEs. I like the team overall. Like all of us, you'll need a break or 3 to win this thing but the chances are as good as anyone.
  9. Yeah, hamler was on my list earlier then I kind of forgot about him. Good pick
  10. Some people on Facebook are upset about it. Unexpected and ep 9 isn't as good as the others, but overall it was a great season.
  11. I'm referring to the companies who get the majority of their revenue from technology. They're mostly here to stay, I'm heavy in a lot including ETFs like the ARK, QCLN, LRNZ, etc. But I remind myself that there's still value in companies like Kroger, home depot, caterpillar, etc. They're not as sexy and won't rise as much, but many are undervalued right now.
  12. Yep Which a reason I try to limit my tech holdings. But that's been really hard this year even in index funds.
  13. YTD Daily Total Return 2.89% https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/VTI?p=VTI&.tsrc=fin-srch
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