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  1. He's probably a great pick. But if he goes above Chubb, I'm highly unlikely to get him in any league including the FBG contest (if he costs more)
  2. it's a business, run by a bunch of billionaires and their staff. If we don't like it, we should stop giving the business our money.
  3. Now this, I agree. I think 2 bye weeks is good for the teams and the players, so I'm in favor. But it will make drafting more of a challenge.
  4. Why? Is it simply the week 14 bye? Many leagues get by with 3 weeks of playoff games. With week 17 no longer being a crapshoot that works. Is it that there's more weeks you need to account for, with fewer teams generally being off each week? Some would say that's a positive. Different number of teams being off each week isn't great IMO but it's not that big a deal. At least it's better than 2016 - bye weeks 4-13 but no teams off week 12.
  5. That's fair, and I think najee > Jacobs, but even that's not a lock. Even with Drake.
  6. I'm a but there's no way I'm giving Henry away for that, especially in non PPR
  7. 🤷‍♂️ It's entirely possible he thinks a 3rd year QB who just added a 1st round receiver, gets a stud RB back (who is also a good receiver), added a very good WR, might improve. I don't value Jones as a top 10 QB but don't really fault those who do.
  8. Depending on the league, Swift vs aiyuk is arguable (I'm not big on Swift, but others are). But yeah, the trade is abysmal
  9. Part of me says that's overkill. If this is a long standing league with very few bad trades, I'd stay. If it's new, I'm gone.
  10. Who ended up going with these picks? I'm taking the 6 regardless and assuming that's Pitts, Wilson or chase. But it seems fairly fair.
  11. I think I prefer Ridley and fant, but in a year that opinion might be laughable.
  12. I think I agree but it's fairly close. Looks like a trade of 6 good pieces for 3 really good, with some throw-ins.
  13. Probably not as far back as the last time we saw a rookie QB who didn't play in his last year in college start in his rookie year I think he starts by mid year but the norms are out the window here.
  14. 32 teams, IDP, PPR (players available twice) Copy cat league (same as above with many of the same owners)
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