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  1. I'm never sure if handcuffs work in these leagues. I guess they do when they do and don't when they don't 🤷🏽‍♂️ but I wanted Pollard as I'm probably going to lack quality depth at RB.
  2. I'm a fan of the 1% better concept. https://jamesclear.com/continuous-improvement Might work for finances too 👍
  3. I'd like to see that. If you're not first, you're last.
  4. You can tell we're spoiled when we're hopeful for more than 4% in any month (my projections for the next couple decades are set at 4% annually). I mean that's >48% for a year. Considering I'm mostly buy and hold that would be great.
  5. 1.11 11 -OZ- Elliott, Ezekiel DAL RB Wanted king Henry, shoulda known that wasn't happening. I think last year was zeke's floor, his upside is top 3. 2.06 22 -OZ- Mahomes, Patrick KCC QB I don't usually take QB early but this seems like decent value and QBs score high here. 3.11 43 -OZ- Montgomery, David CHI RB Really did not plan to take 2 backs in the first 3 rounds. But I think he can be a very good rb2. Maybe even a rb1 if things break right. 4.06 54 -OZ- Johnson, Diontae PIT WR Really hoping he gets over his drops. When he's on he's been really good.
  6. Understood. Really though, all I'm saying is that I don't see any reason to use debit cards when CCs are accepted. Maybe if you got a decent discount.
  7. That's the drawback. I'm not sure about Meijers, but Walmart, Target etc don't get the 6%. Aldi's does, that's over half of our groceries. We just charge Walmart to our 2.5% cash back (another USAA).
  8. that was an ugly week. But if you had told me 29 days ago that the accounts would be up 3.6% for the month I'd have been okay with it.
  9. American Express blue for groceries (it does have a $95 annual fee but that's worth it to us) USAA American Express for gas. But I've heard others have the same benefit. A decent place to start if you're actually interested: Nerd wallet
  10. To each their own, but I find paying cash for gas to be a pain in the 🐴. I'll gladly take my 6% back on groceries and 5% on gas.
  11. Probably best to use cash for the extra services anyway.
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