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  1. Fwiw, I’m 99% out of the non diversified sector or individual stocks game but I do have some FOMO. my new job is pretty strict with the reporting reqs, not every move but anything I buy or sell over $1,000 goes on an annual report. So it’s just easier not to. Plus it’s busy but I like it. but yeah, I’m holding my SE.
  2. Even a blind squirrel gets a nut once in a while.
  3. it’s the rare occasion where we don’t need to pretend to work more than one minute in the last hour of a day, usually before a holiday.
  4. Suffice it to say your agency has a more liberal policy than mine, or what OPM would support. Agency policy >>> OPM guidance, so good on your agency. 🤷
  5. Probably. Secdef and sec army don’t do this for us. But we do get a fair amount of admin leave for certain things.
  6. I won’t get into the law here but the last time I researched this only the 59 was arguably authorized. And that’s not really in writing either, just that a portion of an hour must be worked. not that anyone would complain.
  7. I’ve been serving in a lower graded position than my experience would warrant for the past 4 years, could have easily gotten into a better paying position but that would mean moving. I’ve been applying for promotions in a specific area I don’t love but will do, there has always been someone with about ten years more experience applying for the same job. I get an interview but not selected. Interviewed for a promotion in early august in that area I don’t love. And another, higher promotion for duties I actually enjoy a week later. Was offered the first job over a month ago but really wanted the second job. I just so happen to be working on a temporary assignment for the office I wanted, doing the job I wanted. I informed my current boss about the first offer, about an hour later I was called by the big boss saying I was selected for the better job. This was in early September. so I declined the first offer. finally received the tentative offer today HR is slow, but things do work out.
  8. We’ve never gotten more than 59 minutes. Technically you’re not allowed to give more than that.
  9. +94 🤪 Used o Packers, Bucs, Raiders, chiefs, cowboys d Rams, WFT, Panthers, bills, Patriots week 6 o Colts d Bengals
  10. RB - javonte or Darrel? (Williams) ppr The other or Davis Mills superflex
  11. It wasn’t that long ago Andrews had no red zone receptions.
  12. Had being the key word. if you’ve ever witnessed a leader who had been respected fall from grace and stick around, you’d know how this could impact the organization.
  13. I never really thought about it but assumed the head coach would be considered at least a supervisor of other coaches.
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