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  1. After this, I just took a lot of lottery tickets. 22.11 263 OZ Williams, Preston MIA WR If he happens to stay healthy, he should do well. But staying healthy hasn't been his thing so far. 23.02 266 OZ Brown, Dyami FA WR I liked what I read, deep threat, big play kind of guy. Most likely a 3rd or 4th round pick. 24.11 287 OZ Hubbard, Chuba FA RB Same as above. Unlikely to be a key player as a rookie but could surprise. 25.02 290 OZ Collins, Nico FA WR I'll be targeting Nico with a lot of my mid to late rookie picks. He might be no better than a Devin
  2. Thanks. I could see using these instead of paying down the mortgage if one were concerned about safety. Figure it's 1.29% higher than my mortgage, so if we bought the maximum of $10,000 that's an extra $129 annual return? Not a lot to get excited about but better than nothing.
  3. How liquid are these and how do you get them? I don't know if I would buy any, but maybe. And that's a decent rate.
  4. Let's get some thoughts on the power broker's identity. Guesses I've heard or seen: 1. Sharon 2. Red skull 3. GEN Ross 4. Jerry seinfeld 5. Doctor Doom Right now I'm betting #3 even though he seems unlikely to support the flag smashers.
  5. What do you mean "very self contained"? It leads directly to DS2, Monica is part of CM2 and future movies, Darcy will continue to have a role, and there were skrulls. Not to mention SWORD in general. We expected more, including some big reveals. But it's very connected.
  6. Today's episode was better than the previous. But I really hate it when writers get military stuff so clearly wrong. Senators holding a hearing in which they "recommend" against a court martial, then issue a separation with OTH characterization of service, then talk about retirement? It was cool to see Elaine. I refuse to believe there isn't a "twist" coming with Sharon.
  7. I had a list of about 6 receivers I wanted at this next turn. Y'all took them. ..!..
  8. Mike williams at WR52 seems like really good value imo. He's landed on a few of my teams and I sorta actively avoided him here just to see where he goes. Same with OJ howard.
  9. Mephisto? Agreed. Right now while it's not iron fist level, it's below most of the Netflix shows, maybe on the same tier as Luke Cage season 2 (I liked 1 better). Will still watch but whereas WV was a "wakeup on Friday and watch it immediately" level, F&WS is"watch when I get to it" level. It could get better. Sam is still my favorite character. bucky, Zemo, Sharon and the wakandans are great too. I fully expect Loki will be on WV level.
  10. It would be interesting to put a list of "cities which are MUCH better than the rest of the state". Manhattan and Lawrence would be right up there.
  11. Meanwhile I've just been watching my c3.ai ($AI) fall for a long time, finally got a bump today. It's still a value under $69. I'll buy more.
  12. THANK you. My wife was born in one of these states. 23 years together and I still forget which one.
  13. Can't really speak to the Dakota's, but I'd like to read a well reasoned argument for the state of SC over NC. I'll take the best of NC over SC, and the worst of NC is way better than the worst of SC. although we'll probably spend a lot of retirement in SC.
  14. Fair points. We lived in Charlottesville, and I spent 4 months near Richmond, other than that we've spent time near norfolk. Which are all pretty decent. which probably overly influences my opinion.
  15. I don't actually disagree. But clearly couldn't put Missouri on my list. We really enjoyed our 6 years near Manhattan. But overall, you're probably right.
  16. My top ten, by tier taken as a whole (* indicates we've lived there). This is only states I feel confident giving an opinion about. 1. Tennessee*, North Carolina*, colorado 2. Kansas*, Michigan*, Georgia, virginia* 3. South Carolina, ohio, kentucky I think we'd really enjoy Washington, idaho and Oregon.
  17. we're #50! There's no place I'd rather live right now, with kids in school. (Madison city schools, near Huntsville) but please keep the "secret"
  18. For those who like sector ETFs, any thoughts on BUYZ? Disruptive commerce ETF. top holdings are SE, Amazon, Shopify, and some others we've liked. Obviously Amazon is holding it back from 🚀
  19. I know it's not likely, but I'd be interested to see Gurley sign in Pittsburgh. He couldn't be expected to be a workhorse but at a reasonable price, as a key part of rbbc, it could work well.
  20. I've been buying, more and more. 🤷‍♂️ It's unlikely to soar, but it's a good value imo. Just saw that it's up slightly. I'm just holding.
  21. I've been feeling this way about UWHM. not quite the same thing but that's been falling and I keep averaging down.
  22. 8.11 95 OZ Jeudy, Jerry DEN WR I find myself drafting entirely too many second year players. But I think JJ should be better this year. 9.02 98 OZ Tannehill, Ryan TEN QB Should combine with Stafford for a nice duo. 10.11 119 OZ Gallup, Michael DAL WR Yeah, he's 3rd fiddle. But one that should have some nice games. 11.02 122 OZ Smith, Jonnu NEP TE Was one of my targeted TEs, even with H² on the team he should do very well. Better than last year imo. 12.11 143 OZ FootballTeam, Washington WAS Def It's a defense, they have a good one. 13.02 14
  23. How much do you want for the NFT for your post? 💰
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