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  1. I predict Connor has to pull out because of the leg and someone has to call the 209 to save the card. New champ.
  2. Loved the ovation that Helwani got when he asked his questions at the Diaz McGregor press conference. Also, great job having a press conference where the fighters can't hear anything.
  3. I called yesterday. Contract just expired, Premier package. They offered $50 off for year and $27 off for 6 months (discounts for movie channels and sports pack) and one year commitment. I asked for Sunday Ticket and she had to speak with her boss, they countered with half price. I said cover the entire Ticket and we'll do it now. She checked with her boss and said since I had it free last year, they cannot do it free this year. I asked if they could do a gift card, she said no. I set up cancel date for June 30th.
  4. I'm gonna guess Davos puts a sword through Milesandre + Jon pulls it out of her = Lightbringer.
  5. I don't know that it's official, but the guy reporting for ESPN on SC an hour ago said: Zardes up top, Beckerman, Zusi and Fab in the midfield. Yedlin returns and Besler stays in
  6. Was I the only one wondering when the Hound was pissing in the lake the we might somehow see Stoneheart?
  7. I had the update fail twice today. Finally worked on the third try for me.
  8. I'm probably just sour because one of my favorite guys lost and it didn't even feel like a fight. Maia is really good at his game plan, I just don't find it exciting. Seems like at this point to beat him someone will just have to sell out at stuffing take downs and settle for just landing a few strikes each round.
  9. Does anyone enjoy watching Maia fight? A Matt Brown fight is usually a reason to tune in, but when I saw the fight with Maia announced was pretty sure we'd see exactly what happened last night. Kind of a bummer.
  10. Just some numbers for the folks questioning wireless ac/n speeds and wired... I recently switched to cable innerwebs and signed up for 200MB speed. Bought an Arris Surfboard sb6183 and paired it with and Apple Airport Extreme with 2TB Hard drive for a little storage. Here's what I saw just now when running Speed Test: Hard wired 206Mbps down / 20.5 up Wireless (ac) MacBook 208Mbps down / 18.64 up Wireless (n) iPhone 5 86-96Mbps down / 9-11 up I did wire my house with Cat6 when we built it two years ago, but I haven't hard wired anything because of the speeds I've been seeing.
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