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  1. Dolphins trade #3 to SF for 3 1st round picks (2021, 2022, 2023 & 2021 3rd)
  2. 16 team PPR TEAM A Nick Chubb Alex Smith Jalen Hurts 2021 Early 2nd TEAM B H Ruggs AJ Brown JD McKissic 2021 1st round (early to mid)
  3. I’m happy for him to be making future money tonight
  4. Fair enough...I didn’t realize the other interviews, while likely token, were actually done. Carry on
  5. I do believe that everyone deserves to pursue happiness and if you can't find it in your heart to love the next generation then we are probably better off without your progeny.... Wait...dadgum, that sounds like I might share some thoughts with Margaret Sanger...but I don't really believe that. I just think those holding that position have no idea what they are missing.
  6. This really is not a friendly forum for the non-leftists here, in the sense that it is awful lonely on this side. I have done an admirable job (from my perspective) of just trying to read as much as possible without interjecting. I reallllly wanted to interject on the Covington student debacle but I just held out...then the late term abortionist arguments hit and I couldn't help it. I am usually too busy to have the time to respond without getting dragged in to the pit, so I bite my tongue and just read as much as I can while resisting the urge to push back. But I do read as much as I can and
  7. I'd argue that is arbitrary since it has definitively changed since Roe... Dang...I can't quit it when i know better than to be sucked in to the stinky bait... And Henry you should know better...counselor
  8. I have probably overstayed my welcome...the echochamber is deafening to those not immune.
  9. Please share your "non-arbitrary" delineation of personhood...i'll get the popcorn.
  10. Are you saying a stem cell = an embryo?
  11. I understand that you can't see it, but at one point in your existence, that was what you were...in total. Simple fact that you won't acknowledge.
  12. I beg to differ...every single human alive today was distinctly its own entity at conception.
  13. Has a stem cell ever been confused with a complete human being?
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