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  1. In a general sense - development of walkable urban places which is heavily rooted in cities/urbanism. I see the world through a city planning lens, but from the perspective of the private sector/investor/developer which in the end, for me, means about the user experience in those places. Glanced at the doctoroff piece - guys imminently successful, but I'm skeptical on two counts. While he recognizes the dangers of top down planning and very large scale institutional planning, unless it's addressed later, not sure he embraces the challenges inherent. More concerning, and related to t
  2. It was quite critical. Appropriately so. It's a good rag, as rags go. I know / have worked (ate and drank) with a writer at the American Conservative. Those are good, challenging and illuminating discussions / worksessions - it's great. Good guy, too.
  3. I agree it's suspect... but we have enough purposeful hyperbole and flat out misinformation to warrant playing these close to the vest for sake of being conservative in our accusations... even if there is something potentially fishy behind it.
  4. @rockaction - I was generally virulently against Obama's approach and policies vis a vis Israel, but I believe a title correction is in order, here.
  5. Bad news? Mixed up the names/numbers. I ain't ready for the single life.
  6. It's like yelling fire in a crowded Theater... which is in the midst of being shaken by an 8.3 earthquake.
  7. Hell yeah #####es. Hadn't even been in the holiday rotation back in NY .... but you gotta love Texas!
  8. Trainwreck? Definitely: flame out? No way. He was never close to good enough to be a flame in the fist place. Upside. UPSIDE? Are you kidding me? His upside is a few wild plays with nothing close to redeeming enough value to make him an NFL QB - nor much resembling one. To me, that's a bigger issue than the stupid escapades. They would be a bigger deal if he was actually good, or even viable. In that case his antics would get in the way of his talent. Right now I think football might be getting in the way of antics. Just go reality TV and be done with it.
  9. How can an NFL franchise be so stupid then to have not "known what the deal was" from the draft?
  10. My half Canadian blood is still with you all. SOMEone needs to win the big on in T-Town.
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