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  1. While I no longer post here, I do swing by to keep tabs on some insights and great threads like this. Goodness, haven't logged in for months it seems, but wanted to come by to say thanks to @caustic and @Anarchy99 for their contributions.
  2. Im oot. Just don't have the time nor energy to do this, especially with so much up in the air.
  3. Can't speak for others, but I'm oot. For one, #### baseball. I'm really losing interest with their bs infighting and shenanigans in the midst of literal national upheaval AND a pandemic. #### the rich and the richer #####ing about ####. Also, no DH? It's no longer baseball. Play offense, play a position. Man up. Hate to say it, but my baseball days may simply be done. Will see how that is next season or once games begin, but havent felt this meh about baseball in my entire life. Not after steroids. Not after the strike. Plus, don't want to worry about a season that could end at any time while football begins to ramp up (only to possibly be halted, at any time).
  4. wow, interesting season and division. Starting Pitchers available (top line is real stats bottom is sim) Don Sutton 1982 250 IP ERA OAV WHP KS BB 3.00 .239 1.15 6.31 2.30 4.74 .282 1.37 7.33 2.15 Bill Wegman 1991 194 IP 2.84 .242 1.12 4.15 1.87 4.47 .276 1.41 5.33 3.10 1B: underperforming lack of pop or nice performing OBP. Willie Stargell L 1978 1B 453PA B/D- .295. .382 .567 .226 .290 .397 Or Mike Hargrove L 1981 1B 626 PA C/D .317 .424 .401 .299 .410 .380 Lack of Fro - Ploy to motivate at the least. Oscar Gamble L 1977 470 PA B+/D- .297 .386 .588 .226 .290 .377 CF, one underperforming and one on fire, both really good D. Chet Lemon R 1981 B/A- .302 .384 .490 .249 .313 .400 Dan Gladden 84 OF - 384 PA B+/A- .351 .410 .447 .400 .453 .483 NEEDS: Closer/Setup Righty Doubles Power SS / throw-in backup though I’d pay for offense at that position Could package Pops/Gamble/Hargrove, Sutton, one of the CFs for a blockbuster (of performing and potentially underperforming players with upside)
  5. I’ll refrain from any comments but there definitely some vulgarity for those dangerously spreading BS that this is a hoax, it’s over, whatever. I’d been super quarantined for 2.5. Months and tried to be smart upon reopening (always wore mask, because I’m also not some utterly inconsiderate ##### who has some sort of disdains for common courtesy, dined outdoors, only small groups... but I did protest (everyone I saw had a mask 😷). Most likely is that a friend of mine who got it from her mother (not sure if her mom is a medical provider, that may be it) within my small circle. so far I’m doing ok, let’s hope that continues!
  6. Need to catch up but I have SP to trade and would be in my interest to trade one of my two 1B, though kinda need Pops power right now. Don Sutton who’s underperforming but not brutal Bill Wegman 1.12 Whip Bruce Kison maybe 1.11? Real life numbers, duh looking for a righty bat, could include an underperforming Pops, and really almost anyone is available for the right deal. also would trade a pitcher for a top line RP in a scenario. @scoobus just saw your offer. Sorry I somehow missed it. Show ya Pm. Stay healthy... unlike me. I’ll catch up and try for a post that feels less huffy
  7. Good afternoon kiddos... been, well, an adventure here as I’ve not signed in for fuh... a long time. Work, protests, more work... oh, did I mention I have the Covids? yah. Interesting times... recovering and not terrible but obviously on alert for those late onset symptoms that can really be a #####... Reminds me of when we drafted right before I went into the hospital and almost died (let’s hope it doesn’t get nearly so bad this time!), season started when I was so sedated and f-d up I could barely and often didn’t set lineups first couple weeks (think I ended up doing well, and this sim was literally a life saver of something to look forward to three times a day as I was either hospitalized or relegated to home nursing for a couple months, looped out on perch and Fentanyl. You know it’s bad when a month after surgery you still NEED Fentanyl, hated that ####. GB weed for helping me through it). Maybe I can get a repeat here who knows.
  8. Weird, tried updating Trade Block on WIS, dunno if it worked. FWIW, I could deal a starting pitcher in some scenario as well (any but Tudor, obvs)
  9. While I knew Pops might have some issues at home, he's definitely sucking far more than expected - but Hargrove has been great so far... My OF on the other hand? Reggie Sniff is WAY underperforming, and I had very high hopes for him considering his balance between HRs and XBHs in general. Gamble holding his own. Bonilla surprisingly sucking considering he's not HR dependent and has really good XBHs. Figure before I'm out of it might as well list a few folks on the trade block. Happy to swap some underperformers or just shake things up.
  10. Ooof my team sucks. Been so much going on (hope everyone is safe. I've had friends arrested peacefully protesting at a protest arranged in part by local elected leaders, and others who have had their businesses and customers vandalized and robbed), hardly able to check. One thing I do know is that Tudor seems good as planned, even if half the time we score 1 run for him - and Pops is way underperforming. If someone has a really good offensively minded player that's underperforming and needs some "Pop" from 1B, lemme know. Though it may not matter soon with my team just not very good. All the best to everyone. Stay safe.
  11. Only happens first time around for most pitchers. If you have enough innings, just make sure you have someone fresh ready to go in as a starter. What’s your rotation?
  12. The real kicker was that Harrrr never, not once, won a WIS season where we all picked knowing the point was to win the sim. That first one (IIRC) was the all time baseball draft where I believe we sorta judged teams but decided about 2/3 way through that we would use WIS to actually sim the results of our teams. Harrier from there point on drafted guys he knew would perform well in the sim, unlike most or all of the rest of us. Hence, birth of the term SIMFISHING
  13. My team in that NBA league might have battled you pretty hard. It was significantly better than my championship team from the year before - which I'm still amazed happened considering my lack of knowledge of the NBA as compared to NFL and MLB. I remember early on thinking along the lines of 'what players might do well in the sim' and settled on a go all in for KAT strategy. It worked. I did the same the next year, but had a far more balanced and deep team. Hell, let's get the band back together and play it out! (not likely)
  14. That list goes through 2012 I think. We had a good 6 or so additional seasons afterward. Thought somewhere was a full list of WS participants, not sure where.
  15. BTW, I still remember losing to Sparty in that WS... was one of my Starbucks Series. Think I did that series and one other mostly if not all live sim.
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