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  1. So they will probably draft him third overall and use him solely as a deep safety defending Hail Marys.
  2. Purple Heart is the name of a porno I own from 1982 starring Nancy Wilson and Prince.
  3. Seriously. These guys get worked in the turnover battle. On the road. To a division rival. And they win. 11-4 people. And Clausen looked like an nfl qb. He by no means tore it up, but he got rid of the ball quickly and fairly accurately, and his receivers certainly didn't help. That said, a road playoff game would suck.
  4. Adding Ansah wo get pressure to the QB will also help stop our corners getting beat on the long ball.Do you think Ansah this year will be better than Avril was the past couple?
  5. Don't think the lions could have gotten a deal like that for their pick. The other trade was to move up to 3.Wishful thinking I guess. I would have taken Werner before him regardless. And it would have been dumb to move up to 3. Lane Johnson was a reach there for the eagles also. They just need to learn: extra picks= good
  6. I understand there were probably no takers, but I would have been ok with a raiders type deal. Get that extra 2nd/3rd and snag Werner later. I don't hate the pick per se, just don't love it. While I'm being unpopular, I would be ok with a WR in round two, particularly Allen, assuming his health checks out. I hope they don't get Watson though. Your first two picks have a combined 21 D1 starts between them? No thanks. Of course, if they had traded down yesterday, they wouldn't have to here, which is probably the best idea. If you do reach on a tackle, at least take the kid from Pine Bluff, but
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