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  1. I always just google something like "how to beat giovanni" with the current month in it. Lots of sites provide advice on how to beat him as well as the 3 bosses. Here is one example: https://gamerant.com/pokemon-go-beat-giovanni-february-2021/ The problem is that you don't know ahead of time which pokemon he will be using in the 2nd and 3rd slots so you often have to do a rematch once you see who he uses in those spots.
  2. Correct I'm mufasa60. Always interested in trading as long as the longer distance is allowed. I'm not sure what the advantage of lucky trading is, something about reduced candy for evolving and powering up? If you figure something out let me know.
  3. I'm still in. I didn't notice the 151 gifts task, was that in the green version? I played red and am looking for anyone in the DC area who is still playing to do some trades. If anyone is in the area and wants to trade let me know.
  4. You're exactly right and yet Wentz and his agent were apparently completely unaware of all of this history. The fact that Wentz thought the pick wouldn't or shouldn't have happened, despite it being the MO of this front office, tells me a lot about him.
  5. Posted by Faust in the 2021 free agency thread. Has good speculation about the cap and free agency, plus discussion on Wentz trade market: https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/nfl-insider-notes-dont-expect-many-big-spenders-in-free-agency-plus-the-latest-on-carson-wentz-and-more/
  6. Another effort to gauge the value of Michael Thomas. I've checked online dynasty rankings and trade value charts but there aren't many that have integrated 2021 rookies with vets yet so I'm interested in hearing what everyone here thinks. Please rank the following players in terms of value: Michael Thomas Jonathan Taylor Etienne Najee Harris Ja'Marr Chase Davonta Smith Jaylen Waddle Dobbins Swift
  7. Before posting my question about Thomas and Taylor I checked 6 or 7 recent dynasty rankings online and the majority definitely had Taylor higher than Thomas. Most had Taylor ranked in top 5 or 10 overall while Thomas was usually around 20, give or take. So it's interesting to hear the divergent appraisals of Taylor in here, at least in comparison to Thomas.
  8. What type of rookie pick or WR/TE would make up for the difference in value between Michael Thomas and Jonathan Taylor?
  9. What is Aaron Rodgers worth in terms of a 2021 rookie pick in a 12 team start 1 QB PPR league?
  10. Any reaction to the reports that Urban Meyer is going to be the next coach (probably more than that)? Any chance he decides to draft Fields instead of Lawrence?
  11. This is where I have trouble figuring out if it is coaching or execution. In both cases guys on the O line completely miss blocking assignments that experienced players shouldn't miss. I like how he shows that Carson didn't make a bad throw in the 2nd play, the WR should have sat down in the hole instead of continuing toward the sideline. Again, is that on the WR or the coach? I really don't know but would love to find out. One thing these plays show is that it really is a team effort at sucking this year because in each play there are multiple players not doing what they should do.
  12. I might be interested in team.  Can you please provide more details?  I.e. Draft details, rules etc kelvinjmiles@gmail.com.  

    1. roarlions


      Thanks for the interest, but I found a new owner for the team 2 days ago. I'll update my post to indicate that the team is no longer available. Will keep you in mind for any future openings.

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