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  1. Based on some quick calculations they look like full point PPR
  2. Actually I'm a borderline playoff team that was killed by injuries last year. I'm also RB starved, by the end of the season Jeff Wilson was my best RB. If I had kept the picks I would have taken Harris and best player available at 1.06. I have my doubts about Sanders but really liked getting DJ over any of the WRs I would have gotten in the draft.
  3. 12 team PPR league start 1 QB I gave 1.01 and 1.06 I got Miles Sanders and DJ Moore
  4. For those advocating trading a top 3 2021 pick for vet players, which RBs would you be targeting?
  5. Open team 1 has been claimed, open team 2 still available. Team 2 has CEH under contract for 4 more years and McLaurin for 3 more years. Team 2 also has a reasonable amount of bidding $ available to match offers on own restricted free agents (Waller, Tonyan) and can franchise tag Josh Allen or any other restricted free agent on the roster other than Waller. Finally open team 2 has the 7th pick in each round of the draft this year. Let me know if you're interest in open team 2.
  6. Good news/bad news report - Dianna Russini from ESPN is reporting that the Saints are trying to make a big move into the top 10 picks tonight. Speculation that they may be trying to get 1 of the top CBs. If that is the case and they pull it off it would make it more difficult for the Eagles to draft a CB (unless they also trade up) but would make it more likely that 1 of the Bama WRs would be available at 12.
  7. A long-running 12 team PPR dynasty league with player contracts is looking for 2 owners to take over open teams. No money involved other than fee to host league on MFL. Team rosters can be viewed here: https://www62.myfantasyleague.com/2021/options?L=21400&O=07 If interested in either team message me and I can send an excel workbook that shows the contract status for all players heading into 2021 season. Draft will be held mid to late August. Before the draft we have a 2 week period where owners can bid on restricted free agents (players whose contract expired after 2020 sea
  8. I'm in this league and will add that it is a very active league, lots of trading.
  9. One of the Disney blogs I sometimes read suggested that capacity will be increasing at DW as early as May or June. This was based on the fact that Disney just added a lot of ticket availability starting in late May where previously park passes were tough to get for that time period. I don't think they expect capacity to go back to pre-COVID levels that quickly but they seem to think it will go up significantly from where it is now.
  10. What do people think Fournette is worth in a 12 team PPR league in terms of a 2021 pick? I'm a little surprised that he is valued slightly higher than RoJo in Hindery's trade value chart but I guess they're basically even.
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