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  1. Aaron may follow Tom's lead and find a new home with a fantasy lineup to throw to. As an Eagles fan, I would love to see Wentz move out of town but unlikely anyone will trade for him and that silly contract he's locked into.
  2. Was it just me or was there offensive holding on that blatant PI call that everyone is up in arms about? Essentially it should have been offsetting penalties. Not sure it would have mattered in the end but ####ty to have such a loosely called game end that way.
  3. 10 team league. .5 ppr and 6 pt tds (everyone other than passing tds). 1 per 10 yards. You can keep two players each year and keeper round is based on previous season round drafted unless you added a player as a Free Agent. I am looking to add one of the following which will cost me or someone else (we can trade players for picks) a 15th rounder next season. Players available: RB - AJ Dillon, D Harris, Z Moss, Singletary WR - Gallup, Jeudy, Reagor, Chark TE - Gronk and Ertz WR and RB are typically the main position kept yearly. I am currently rostering Aiyuk,
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