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  1. Uhhhhhhh…… https://twitter.com/nbcsedgefb/status/1439015192994615296?s=21 not sure what to make of it. Could just be roto rotoing
  2. Roman said Ty’Son Williams’ usage in second half was more a reflection of wanting to get other RBs involved. Said the days of one back playing whole game are over. https://twitter.com/jeffzrebiec/status/1438530629830955020?s=21
  3. Put in 36 out of 100. I think it’s too much but I’m thin. I also don’t think it will do it.
  4. Out for season. It was a run (actually two).
  5. it’s insane. If Carr were any good, Waller would’ve caught another 5.
  6. OK, first weekend watching NFLN RedZone vs DTV. It's......not as good. DTV wins on content. Siciliano, the transitions, coverage, all of it is better than NFLN. That said, still happy with an $11/mo decision.
  7. After 20 years with DTV, we canceled and went to YouTubeTV. I really only had time to watch a recording of RedZone anyway. With YTTV, you pay $11/month for it vs the bajillion dollars to DTV. I would call and get them to knock it down, rarely got it for free. When I called to cancel they did pretty much nothing to save me. It was weird, but everything went to #### once ATT bought them. Glad to be done with spending the money we did on DTV in general but will miss Siciliano.
  8. could be a smokescreen https://twitter.com/adamschefter/status/1436399923839258625?s=21
  9. dag nabbit. Bad link but legitimate info. I’ll find a better one
  10. not to mention that it was Checkdown Charlie Alex Smith vs. Fitzmagictragic, who loves throwing downfield. I think this is Logan's gain.
  11. Congrats to everyone who drafted him. He still a chucklehead, but damn he looked good out there. Precise and fast.
  12. In a shallow one myself and have a plethora of choices (Jakobi, Mooney, Gallup, Beasley, Agholor, ruggs, Landry, Shepard, etc.). I may hold for now as I don’t need him yet. Although Gallup and Mooney are tempting.
  13. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CQkhq5ajBV0
  14. We might both be right here, but this is a good breakdown of what it looks like when they run east/west rather than A gap.
  15. They’d be better off trading for Lindsey. Speed to the edge is what makes the RPO scream. They let Ingram go because they found that in Dobbins. I think it’s a fair assumption that Lindsay would smoke Ingram to the edge these days.
  16. A. I believe it's after the league's week one, so that includes MNF. 2. It could be an audition but they are HURTING for depth. Maybe gives them time to work out others (LatM?) D. No way he would be ready to play by Monday anyway.
  17. If they put him on the active roster, they guarantee his salary. If they wait until next week, no guarantee.
  18. As important as picking up Latavius last year. Some people do it, others don't. Depends on the rest of your build and how deep your bench is.
  19. first thought I had. Not sure he adds what they need (speed) though.
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