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  1. I put "critical manufacturing" as the reason in their online drop down menu questions. Bit of a loop hole as this is the reason my company has stayed open. I'm 55, but a stage IV cancer survivor, so I wanted to be a bit more proactive. My wife (elementary school principal) got hers the day before I did.
  2. Los Angeles area....got my 1st dose of Moderna last Friday. Go back for the 2nd on 3/19. Vaccination site was CSUDH near the LA Galaxy stadium. Long lines, but it was a smooth process and all the volunteers were very pleasant to deal with. Took about 1-1/2 hours total, including the 15 minute wait after my shot. Never exited my vehicle.
  3. Tommy Lasorda, Dead at 93 https://sports.yahoo.com/dodgers-legend-tommy-lasorda-dies-at-93-165008936.html
  4. Also the opener of one of my favorite shows. Cal State Dominguez Hills 5-5-90. Hotter than hell that day and trippin out on all the horses with cops attached to their backs. Such a great opening tune.
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