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  1. I put "critical manufacturing" as the reason in their online drop down menu questions. Bit of a loop hole as this is the reason my company has stayed open. I'm 55, but a stage IV cancer survivor, so I wanted to be a bit more proactive. My wife (elementary school principal) got hers the day before I did.
  2. Los Angeles area....got my 1st dose of Moderna last Friday. Go back for the 2nd on 3/19. Vaccination site was CSUDH near the LA Galaxy stadium. Long lines, but it was a smooth process and all the volunteers were very pleasant to deal with. Took about 1-1/2 hours total, including the 15 minute wait after my shot. Never exited my vehicle.
  3. Tommy Lasorda, Dead at 93 https://sports.yahoo.com/dodgers-legend-tommy-lasorda-dies-at-93-165008936.html
  4. Also the opener of one of my favorite shows. Cal State Dominguez Hills 5-5-90. Hotter than hell that day and trippin out on all the horses with cops attached to their backs. Such a great opening tune.
  5. First time I saw SCI was back in 2001, at The Wiltern in Los Angeles. They opened up with Black Clouds and it blew my mind. The energy was off the charts...everyone was grooving!
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