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  1. So awesome you no longer post at FBG, thank you for your consideration.  :hifive:

  2. Doesn't post a whole lot but this guy gets it.  Keep up the good work. :thumbup:

  3. Love a guy from Montana loving Alabama Football.  When you're a dickhat, you're a dickhat.  Nothing in the entire world is stopping you.  Peace out, brah. 

    1. need2know


      Boo hoo.  Your poor teams suck.  Oh the humanity

    2. Doctor Detroit

      Doctor Detroit

      You and your English is a ####


  4. WORST



  5. If you puke in your mouth, then swallow, then almost die choking on that puke, this is what you call a Sam Quentin.  ####### awful. 

  6. As the only other black guy besides me and Arizona Ron at these forums, I must say :muchrespect:

    May the white girls flow like Niagara Falls for you sir.  :bowtie:

  7. I've never seen this function before.  Where does this post go?  :oldunsure:

  8. Among the worst posters in this forum.  Always trolling, never anything of note. 

  9. Still awful, can't believe you can't find something better to do. 

  10. Good to have you back, weirdo.

    1. rockaction


      Thanks, man. Good to be back.

  11. #1 lover of the report button...should be your new alias.

  12. Anonymous? Yes. Bob? Ok, sure. Gets credit for creating the sesame seed bun? Never, and that makes me sad.

  13. Like? No sir, LOVE!

    1. Binky The Doormat

      Binky The Doormat

      Sorry ...what's this in reference to?

    2. Doctor Detroit

      Doctor Detroit

      DrD on Binky love, I made it up.

  14. Arrogant pseudo expert. Like to pretend to be a know its lol and gets very angry when he's shiwn to incorrect

    1. Rove!


      Arrogant pseudo expert that likes to pretend to know it all and gets very angry when he's shown to be incorrect. Incapable of dialogue and acts very immature if there is any disagreement.

    2. Doctor Detroit

      Doctor Detroit

      You can't even get this right you ####### moron. :lmao:

    3. Doctor Detroit

      Doctor Detroit

      What's hilarious is you have ten aliases and every one of them is one star. I mean that's a an amazing fail consistency, good job Sam. You're a rare breed of mouth-breather.

  15. FlapJacks, TinHat, BowlingBartenderCory, Chaos, Brock Middlebrook, Sam Quentin and whatever this alias is. You want internet filler with no substance, Rove! is your man! Some sad ####, mang. :bye:

    1. Doctor Detroit

      Doctor Detroit

      Loved the comment you left me, made a lot of sense: "Rove! → Doctor Detroit

      Arrogant pseudo expert. Like to pretend to be a know its lol and gets very angry when he's shiwn to incorrect." To be a know? I bes a know shown yo! You're a moron Sam, thanks for playing.

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