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  1. Hey captain buttplug, concentrate on your TV. Dem Bucks are getting their asses kicked, brah.
  2. With the rise of neo Confederacy, Lane will be able to plow coeds with a cross burning behind him and no one will blink an eye.
  3. Not sure what to say. Your NFL team won’t have a winning record and get a home playoff game. Life is unfair, Gene.
  4. Ferris is really good. They have to have the lowest entry standards of any college in Michigan. No slight against my lady who was an All American volleyball player there, but they can pretty much take anyone who doesn’t qualify d1. All their sports teams are great: football, hoops, pucks, track, etc.
  5. My lady friend went to Ferris. Are they and SR basically the favorites? Seems like they are completely different styled teams.
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