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  1. Congrats Cheese! I think I won money for 3rd. Roll over my entry fee for 2020 and if there is anything left let me know
  2. Just dropped Skaggs last week after having him quite a bit since I joined the league. What a shame.
  3. Phil Rizzuto used to put “WW” is his scorebook. It stood for wasn’t watching.
  4. I have never been so frustrated with a team in fantasy sports before. I ended last year with Paxton, Taillon, McCullers, Ray, Heaney, and upside in starting pitching. All but Ray are dead and every time I stream someone they suck. Im still guessing I lead the league in offensive numbers even though I’m behind now, but I have no chance of winning this year because of downright gross pitching. Oof.
  5. Yeah dynasty format is the best, also the worst. For example, I tried to sell Michael Chavis for spare change to every one of the 41 Red Sox owners in the league; left him unprotected, tried to include him in two trades this year. Not one taker. On the flip side, someone tried to include Cody Bellinger in a trade with me as a second piece and I laughed him off like he voted for Roy Moore.
  6. Yeah the injury needs to be in the thread title. This is the pure definition of “you can’t make that #### up.”
  7. The immaculate inning not one between 1929 and 1952, wow
  8. Joey Gallo hit his 100th career homer today. He’s the third fastest player to 100 homers (McGuire and Kiner) and is first player to get to 100 homers before recording 100 singles (89).
  9. Oh man, this in a jinxy post. I got him off waivers in two keeper leagues in early April thinking he’d be a safe start at home. He’s pretty damn good.
  10. I have a great deal of OF depth and shaky pitching. It happened.
  11. I hope I get 500 innings out of Kershaw the next three years. Doubt it, but I can dream. Hope Buxton ends up being a top 50 guy, I think it happens. Hard to part with him. Technically my longest tenured player.
  12. He's definitely not Sonny Gray but he is maddeningly inconsistent. Sometimes he looks like a top ten pitcher, sometimes he looks like an average pitcher, and sometimes he looks like Ubaldo Jimenez.
  13. Lucas Giolito. I’ve been carrying this guy in dynasty off and on forever. I don’t think I’ve started him for any career start where he was actually good. I also have eternal hate for Billy Hamilton but I keep drafting him anyway.
  14. Both off to slow starts but both have that thing that makes baseball players great. Looking at their overall profiles it’s hard to imagine prolonged slumps for either. Plus both of them have a positive approach to the game.
  15. Seems like five years is enough time to get in the around the league update. :confetti:
  16. Things that will NEVER happen again: guy making three consecutive errors in the ninth Delino DeShields hitting a grand slam
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