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  1. This is much more believable than the idea that the NFL has some vendetta against the Raiders. The leaked Gruden emails are viewed by some as a smear on the entire league and validation of league-wide jock mentality. That does not please advertiser. The NFL had a lot of motivation to keep these emails private.
  2. Rumor is the NFL wants take take down Tommy Boy as well. If that happens only then will the team have a chance to be good again. That knot head does not know how to run a team.
  3. Be patient grasshopper. I suspect the league is building it's case against Synder.
  4. Used Offense: MIN, GB, ARZ, BUF, DAL Defense: DEN, ARZ, CAR, BUF, NE Week 6 Offense: LAR Defense: IND
  5. There is speculation that the NFL office has much more dirt on Gruden and has threatening to leak it to the media to pressure Tommy Boy to fire Gruden. Nothing like a good old conspiracy to stir up the Raider fans.
  6. I do not feel as good about Bieniemy as a HC hire as some others. I suspect Reid's system and the talent have propped Bieniemy up. I also wonder why he has been passed as a hire by so many other teams. I do not think he is the dynamic leader the position requires. Other names that I have heard are Kellen Moore, Joe Brady and Brian Daboll.
  7. Share isn't going anywhere. He is a Stanford man for as long as the school will have him.
  8. I might buy this if it was anyone but Mark Davis I might buy it. I think you may be giving him too much credit.
  9. Used Offense: MIN, GB, ARZ, BUF Defense: DEN, ARZ, CAR, BUF Week 5 Offense: DAL Defense: NE
  10. I do not think this is unique to Zealots leagues. I have had the same experience in my FFPC leagues. There are only 4-5 teams I even bother to send proposals at this point. The remaining teams either respond with a ridiculous counter or never respond. In terms of the lack of response, if you think the offer is a low ball what is the harm in responding? Seems like people that do not respond are missing an opportunity. Ultimately this issue will lead to some people turning away from dynasty formats.
  11. Based on the Texans willingness to keep Watson inactive and eat his contract, and the reported asking price, I do not think it is likely that he plays this year. An obvious fit is PITT and it would fit their pattern of starting an alleged sexual assault offender at QB. 😃
  12. Used Offense: MIN, GB, ARZ Defense: DEN, ARZ, CAR Week 4 Offense: BUF Defense: BUF
  13. Used Offense: MIN, GB Defense: DEN, ARZ Week 3 Offense: ARZ Defense: CAR
  14. Coming off an emotional Monday game + short week + travel back east for early start time = defeat and possibly a blow out defeat (Remember the Atlanta game LY?) On top of all of that rumor has it that most of the Raider players still had a blood/alcohol of .16 on Wednesday morning. 🤣 Dead men walking
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