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  1. Interesting tweet from Gil Brandt 3 times in a 4-year span (2004-07) the Raiders' first-round pick was immediately followed by the drafting of either a first-ballot HOFer or one who will be: 2004: Larry Fitzgerald (Robert Gallery) 2005: Aaron Rodgers (Fabian Washington) 2006: Calvin Johnson (JaMarcus Russell) Ouch!
  2. I was a Lamar owner in a SF league and moved him + Marquise Brown for Watson. Lamar is a brilliant runner but I have serious reservations about his long term prospects.
  3. Seems like Raiders fans have been saying this for years. This regime has had 4 first picks and two drafts to fix the defense. Doesn’t appear they have made much progress. But sure, trade their best QB and give it couple more shots. I am sure it will work out fine.
  4. Yikes. I understand being disappointed in Golladay but I think he has a higher ceiling than Slayton. Even if you don’t believe in Golladay I think you sold too cheap. A good landing spot is going to give Golladay a bump in value that would have netted you more.
  5. Well stated. I thought it was a poor decision. The key is the defense had to stopped Brady. Up to that point the Packers had given up 31 points and forced two punts. In that context, LaFluer should have recognized the low probability of stopping the Bucs and put the ball in Rodgers hands. Curious about the percentages, are those Rodgers’ career numbers?
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