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  1. Interesting tweet from Gil Brandt 3 times in a 4-year span (2004-07) the Raiders' first-round pick was immediately followed by the drafting of either a first-ballot HOFer or one who will be: 2004: Larry Fitzgerald (Robert Gallery) 2005: Aaron Rodgers (Fabian Washington) 2006: Calvin Johnson (JaMarcus Russell) Ouch!
  2. I was a Lamar owner in a SF league and moved him + Marquise Brown for Watson. Lamar is a brilliant runner but I have serious reservations about his long term prospects.
  3. Seems like Raiders fans have been saying this for years. This regime has had 4 first picks and two drafts to fix the defense. Doesn’t appear they have made much progress. But sure, trade their best QB and give it couple more shots. I am sure it will work out fine.
  4. Yikes. I understand being disappointed in Golladay but I think he has a higher ceiling than Slayton. Even if you don’t believe in Golladay I think you sold too cheap. A good landing spot is going to give Golladay a bump in value that would have netted you more.
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