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  1. Used Offense: MIN, GB, ARZ Defense: DEN, ARZ, CAR Week 4 Offense: BUF Defense: BUF
  2. Used Offense: MIN, GB Defense: DEN, ARZ Week 3 Offense: ARZ Defense: CAR
  3. Coming off an emotional Monday game + short week + travel back east for early start time = defeat and possibly a blow out defeat (Remember the Atlanta game LY?) On top of all of that rumor has it that most of the Raider players still had a blood/alcohol of .16 on Wednesday morning. 🤣 Dead men walking
  4. Used Offense: MIN Defense: DEN Week 2 Offense: GB Defense: ARZ
  5. I won’t say there is any player I would never draft. However there are players I push way down my list that ensures I will not have them on my roster. At their current adp that will not be on my roster: Golladay and OJB
  6. I like all 3 this year. I would put Lamb at the top because of better surrounding talent. I see DAL in a lot of shootouts this year.
  7. I think you are talking about this article: https://www.sharpfootballanalysis.com/analysis/which-nfl-teams-have-been-most-impacted-by-scheduling-inequalities/ There are some teams at a serious disadvantage due to the schedule. The Raiders aren’t one of those teams.
  8. https://twitter.com/jerrymcd/status/1392704549916266496?s=21 Fan bases from good teams don't complain much about schedules because they don't care. They figure their team will win. Fan bases from bad teams? Looking for miles traveled, short rest, conspiracy . . . we'll know #Raiders are good again when schedule arrives and it's quiet. Truth
  9. I agree with your take in general and thought oline was the biggest need. That said I am quoting this part of your post because I recall Bill Polian saying RBs make the oline. Which feels backwards to me as well. But I would defer to Polian in this regard. I just play GM on a message board.
  10. To be consistent, since you called out Herbert - Slater: Carr - Leatherwood Goth - Sewell Cousins - Darrisaw
  11. I think this exercise is a fool’s errand. You can’t compare players in different eras. The game has changed dramatically since its inception.
  12. In context of age concerns, Waller will be 29 at the start of the season. That said these age concerns for Kelce and Waller seem overblown to me. Gates finished as TE5 (TE Premiums scroring) @ age 34. Gonzo finished as TE2 at the age of 37. Kelce and Waller have playing styles similar to Gates and Gonzo IMO.
  13. Oooh, I’ll play. I think your take is mostly correct. The exceptions are generational players. Rather than focusing on specific names, what gives you any confidence that Gruden/Mayock are capable of execution a draft BPA for scheme strategy?
  14. I think Chase and D. Smith will ultimately steely prove to be better assets than Brown. So to answer the question, you are better off losing Brown because it will be an upgrade.
  15. Yup you are right. The monetary stakes are even higher today than in 1999. Thus the pressure to win is even greater. A talent like Watson will still be highly coveted after this is resolved.
  16. Maybe I am missing it but I do not see the moral equivalency between an open container and manslaughter.
  17. Context is critical in this discussion. In 1 QB leagues QB value is relatively easy to make up. In super-flex or start 2 QBs QB value reflects that of the NFL. Thus in the context of the nfl the Texans would never trade Watson for a random second rd pick. I get the sense there are folks on the platform that think Watson never plays again. At worst I see a year suspension, then a rebah tour full of apologies and he is back on the field. When arguing about Watson’s nfl future we should remember that Leonard Little was allowed to play AFTER killing a mother while he was under the influence.
  18. That is just filthy. Even I would move CMC for that! Guess that is why I don’t think about moving him.
  19. As a CMC owner I have not even considered this question. He is worth 1 1/2 starting player production. That is hard to make up in a trade, and I doubt many owners are willing to give up what it would take.
  20. Thank you. People seem to be forgetting CMC’s production. That was some crazy talk.
  21. Am I the only one that thinks regardless of the terms of the contract a backup RB at anywhere near that kind of money wasn’t a priority? Effing Gruden 🤣🤣
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