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  1. @Steeler Just spoke with Simon, there is a Stop button although it is in white text. He is making it red in the future, but if you run into this issue it will stop and produce all 148 lineups. Just scroll over that portion of the page and it will appear. It should be fixed in future weeks.
  2. @Steeler Let me see if I can help. Love the idea of a stop button. You can email me at knotts@footballguys.com with your settings and site and I can help take a look urgently. A few suggestions while I look into it. 1) Try a different browser or incognito mode if there is a cache issue causing this to get clogged up. 2) I've had success rebooting my computer as well. I can also try to run it on my end.
  3. We are having a series over on Youtube that started today. Started with can the 49ers stop the Chiefs passing attack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmRH5DKW-M0
  4. @Kub @dmac37@Steeler@cobalt_27 @dewmass @Binky The Doormat and anyone else who might not have commented. Here's what I'll tell you all. I completely hear you and understand. My ask is that you not overreact just yet. We have 30 weeks to get the single lineup optimizer looking and feeling as close to the IVC as possible. That's the goal. @Joe Bryant may not like what I'm going to say here, but if we don't have the single lineup optimizer perfect, I'm going to push hard for us to keep the IVC's. Also, to give some additional background on why we are doing this. There are some maj
  5. Agree with you here @Steeler. My goal is to have this look and feel like the IVC as much as possible to the point of people not really noticing. We aren't there yet, but something I'm focusing on in the off season. We have this view on the Multi-Lineup Builder, but not on the single builder. I'll work with Simon to see what is possible here.
  6. Hey everyone- I wanted to put a quick post here as your feedback is incredibly valuable. 1) With the new optimizer, it is an automatic projection update compared to a manual update meaning as soon as David, Sigmund, or Maurile update their projections the optimizer is updated. Today, with the IVC's while they're frequently updated, they do require Maurile to be around a computer to manually update. This allows for faster updates and more real-time projections. It also allows for you to enter in your own projections, and to customize a players projections which are not available with
  7. Hi @Bri I would check out John Lee's Tips and Picks article, I wrote a FanDuel Cash Article, and David Dodds has a Fantasy Draft Article. Phil Alexander does a DraftKings gpp article and Steve Buzzard who won basically every tournament on FanDuel last year has his GPP article
  8. Hi @Bri I'm not sure what you're looking for, can you clarify further?
  9. David's blog unfortunately will not be back this season. He is focusing his attention on a Fantasy Draft article as he moves his play primarily over to their Rake Free site. He will still have some great DFS tips included in this.
  10. Hey @BizzyDizzy One of the things you can do if you aren't sure is to just avoid using the presets and customize it exactly for your contest. All the presets do is pre-populate the Total Entries in the Contest and Target Finish in Top. For the 2x, 3x, 5x contests enter in the total entries in the contests, and then the target to finish in top ______. Let me know if this makes sense, happy to help clarify further. Thanks Devin Knotts DFS Content Manager
  11. Hopefully you guys check out the Footballguys podcast call the Footballguys Power Grid. We've grown tremendously over the two years doing it. It comes out every Friday morning Week 1 it will come out Tuesday morning
  12. I haven't gotten into preseason as much as past years. It seems like there even less of an emphasis of these games mattering than past years. Edit: I just got an update from Simon our lead app developer. Part of the issue was that the Google store was blocking DFS apps. We are working on a phone interface but anything with phones takes time.
  13. It would turn into a 6 or 8 team league. No owner would want to start a team in a small market or non-weather friendly market as there is no reason to compete.
  14. As the resident Browns fan of the staff. I'm torn on this one. In Dorsey I trust as he knows Hunt a lot better than any of us, but I'm not sure putting Hunt back near his hometown where the on-camera incident happened is a good idea. Interested to see what the contract is, it could be a low-risk high-upside move with contingencies that one foot out of line and you're gone.
  15. Couple things for me. 1) React faster and don't ignore early season success. It's easy to ignore players such as Tyler Boyd and Phillip Lindsay and I did for the most part. Having a pre-conceived bias heading into the season that has you create a narrative on why that player will not be successful. 2) I spent up on Ertz almost everywhere this year and where I did it paid big time. Getting either Ertz or Kelce is such a big advantage and should be drafted much higher next season. 3) This is nothing new for me, but paying up for running backs continues to be the right strategy.
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