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  1. I read the Coinbase has 52 million customers, I am not sure how that compares to SoFi.
  2. What's everyone's plan for COIN today?
  3. SFTW just seems to hover at the $10 mark and has for weeks. I may have to cut my losses and move on. That's frustrating.
  4. Being permitted within 300 yards of an elementary school?
  5. I like Square long term but will take some gains here.
  6. Apologies if this was already posted. GME to the Moon, well $1000
  7. SFTW is not helping me, of course I bought at the 52 week high. smh
  8. When my oldest was 17 he said "shopping in stores is stupid". Half the time you drive where the store is, look around and walk out with nothing and move on to the next store. Waste of time.
  9. eCommerce, up until March 2020, was less than 20% of retail sales. During the last 12 months it jumped to about 22%. We will probably see it decline some in the next year once people are vaccinated but retail itself isn't dead. Yet. ETA: Nerd out on some data - https://ben-evans.us6.list-manage.com/track/click?u=b98e2de85f03865f1d38de74f&id=87a396f13e&e=8fb706e7cc
  10. I bought back into Square today after being down 20+.
  11. This is at 43% of normal daily volume already, I'm not sure what to make of that though.
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