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  1. Boycott Micky D's and put them out of business then.
  2. You'll congratulate Republicans when they go along with your side? How about removing all the pork from the bill and trying again?
  3. Give him a few days he will usually follow along after initially taking a ridiculous position
  4. That source usually is and only wants to stir up trouble
  5. We can't make it better? Or is that only when you want to cry about voter fraud or people that can't follow the rules and don't end up voting?
  6. And you're glued to his every word why?
  7. I was talking about the black face dude that they all said "not good" and then turned a cheek to it. The list is too long to remember all of them. But he has one example of a guy resigning. And a valid source.
  8. Got anything about Cuomo or just an attempted whataboutism gotcha as always?
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