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  1. Take the victory lap after he's actually removed?
  2. You sure have a lot of comments for something you don't really need. I thought the comparison gave perspective the political shot you took
  3. This is false. It's creepy how he grabbed the kids hand and not only that he must not care if the kid dies if he's willing to infect the kid with whatever in his in mask.
  4. Glad that takes priority over the creepy stuff for you
  5. No. Just like they can't make their own decisions on your religion, sexual orientation, or race.
  6. So you won't wear a mask to protect those that can't get the vaccine and you're willing to put them at risk?
  7. Now do all the guys that aren't liberals but defend every single liberal position and politician on this board while claiming they are just anti-Trump.
  8. if that's your standard, this forum is 80% Trump. Who knew.
  9. I'm confused. Is your point that Biles doesn't have a monopoly on quitting? Or something else?
  10. Had to be done. Glad they got the top 2 Dodger prospects but feels like they should have gotten more. How do they get out of the Strasburg contract? If someone can fix Robles and Kieboom and not screw up Garcia or Ruiz, that's a cheap group with Soto. Gray and Cavalli should be in the rotation by next year.
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