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  1. I was talking about the black face dude that they all said "not good" and then turned a cheek to it. The list is too long to remember all of them. But he has one example of a guy resigning. And a valid source.
  2. Got anything about Cuomo or just an attempted whataboutism gotcha as always?
  3. Still waiting for that link I requested from you this morning.
  4. Inauguration Day. You nailed me without using twitter. Great job
  5. I know. As predicted things would be on the decline after election day to the surprise of no one.
  6. North Carolina governor expected to ease restrictions on the number of fans that can attend sporting events including high school sports. Guess things are much better all of a sudden
  7. Hope you didn't hurt your back moving that goalpost.
  8. LOL. You'll be talking about Trump for 20 more years or longer. 2000 times as often as Hillary is brought up.
  9. Link the thread talking about him caging children and how horrible of a human he is. Thanks in advance
  10. I thought the left had all the educated dudes and the right was full of uneducated backwoods folks? Something don't add up if the right controls the wealth.
  11. You sound like one of my kids when they get in trouble
  12. Before I scroll and continue reading going on record as I bet the mental gymnastics explaining that one are going to be a doozy
  13. You speaking ill of the deceased is a feature and advertisement of your character too. Never ceases to amaze me how often you can use someone else to justify your behavior.
  14. You can repeat it a million times but it either proves you can't interpret words well or you lack class yourself if you see nothing wrong with comments in this thread. But I don't really care to argue with your twitter copy/pastes either
  15. Are you as triggered by Mario Kart as you were by golfing?
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