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  1. What a tired response. Why don't you whine about all the lefties that post emojis?
  2. His ummm handling of young females and old ladies makes me definitely question it
  3. Says the guy that believes Black churches should be allowed to push political candidates but non-black churches shouldn't.
  4. Says the guy that posts about Trump all day. You can't make this stuff up
  5. Remember posting this nonsense? You should check this thread out! https://forums.footballguys.com/topic/790013-official-president-joe-biden-thread/?do=findComment&comment=23600316
  6. So the famous person did not die of Covid and that was misleading by the media?
  7. What, exactly, is the job of the vaccine? We've been told it's not to prevent Covid. We've been told it's to significantly lower the side effects. That might be true in some cases but clearly not in others. How is it distasteful to point this out? No one would even know Powell's vaccination status if it wasn't in the article. If he died because of blood cancer and other health issues then his covid vaccination status is irrelevant and seems distasteful to discuss.
  8. So it's accurate the vaccine didn't prevent side affects?
  9. First media link I saw this morning said he died of Covid not from blood cancer.
  10. Must be a ton of trump supporters everywhere since it’s a pretty popular chant in stadiums all around the country
  11. If the nfl cancelled all jerks there wouldn’t be an NFL. Im not defending Gruden at all. Just find it laughable when the NFL has selective outrage.
  12. Yep. TB removes Gruden from the ring of honor. Warren Sapp stays
  13. Please fight it so all the emails discussing the Redskins, Michael Sam, etc... become public. I'm sure Goodell and 32 owners would LOVE that.
  14. There's a lot of things politically I would never know about if I didn't read this forum but that could be on me because I don't go search those things out elsewhere.
  15. Suffered because the entire Covid pandemic was politicized? Sure. But I don't agree about the vaccines. The same people that haven't chosen to get the vaccine would likely have made the same choice regardless of what Trump, Biden, Fauci, or anyone said.
  16. You guys and your mental gymnastics are quite weird. Enjoy
  17. What did he say about female officials? I still haven't seen any content of his emails. Just the media mentioning things at a high level. And I'm not comparing everything to Gruden either. My comment was in general. Either gay jokes or racial jokes are funny or they aren't.
  18. So you put on an act at work but are tasteless around your buddies? Just making sure I'm following along
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