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  1. Only cops matter? People don't? Beating old ladies and store owners in the streets don't matter? Stop this schtick.
  2. I'm pretty sure those store owners that were beaten when their stores were rioted are not only mentally but physically damaged too.
  3. What are they going to do in 5 days when there is no more "b-b-b-b-b-but Trump"? Remember all the whining about But Hillary posts? I'm sure those same posters will whine about But Trump posts too.
  4. Yeah, pass a Covid bill and get all the rest of the stuff out of there
  5. I didn't post her tweet or look at her tweet. Fruity pebbles did
  6. Nice. I find it quite amazing you think it's okay to make fun of someone's weight (physical appearance). Thanks for the honesty though
  7. That's debatable but are you saying it's okay to make fun of fat people? What other attributes are fair game about a person in your book?
  8. Would think the FBI is gonna need a little more "evidence" than that
  9. Your guy's lies are worse than my guy's lies. Hilarious
  10. Post one about Hillary or Pelosi or Kamala. It would take less than a half second for 25 libs here to mash the report button and break the system. Ask Joe about the Andy Reid jokes I don't go in those threads but he's always handed suspensions for those kind of jokes here.
  11. There's a ton of true things that will get you a timeout here. Joe's always given timeouts for making fun of people's weight and appearances.
  12. Got 'em. They do want the government to stop innocent murder of babies.
  13. Your insistence on telling people how they must heal and what the terms of healing is quite fascinating. I'll just leave it at that.
  14. Right. Like Clinton was held accountable. And many other stupid politicians that get away with things. Spend four years going after Trump like you guys went after the Russian bogeyman and it's going to make things worse and you'll likely not get crap done politically you should be focused on. Then the Right will win elections and do the same damn thing. You guys preached normal for four years. Then get back to focusing on policy and the best way to move on is get Trump out of the office next week and forget about him. It's fascinating how much he lives in many of your heads.
  15. I didn't blame the Dems. I'm saying move on and do your thing. You have control. Stop talking about Trump and Mitch and the last four years. Make the country a better place and let's re-evaluate in 2022 and 2024
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